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Shoulder Pain

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    Angry Shoulder Pain

    Hi there, I'm a first time poster and so I apologise first of all for the long post, and secondly if this happens to be in the wrong forum or if a topic like this exists already. But here goes:

    I'm new to weightlifting generally, I've only been properly lifting for just over 2 months. But the other day after a session in the gym both my shoulders got really sore, not muscle pain but it felt more like something to do with the joints. Also there was a sort of dull clicking sound when I extend my arms in movements such as Benching and Shoulder Press.

    The pain has persisted and now 2 days later the pain remains. The dull clicking sound occurs when I rotate or stretch my shoulders.

    Like I said before I am virtually a n00b when it comes to lifting but I'm pretty sure its not normal to have this kind of shoulder pain after only 2 months, especially considering I haven't been lifting particularly heavy at all. I also think its strange that the pain appeared so suddenly, I had no pain in my shoulders whatsoever at any time before and it just appeared in one day.

    My Routine

    So I'm just gona post my routine and see if anyone here can tell me what this pain could be from and/or what I should do about it (I do my entire routine in one day, taking every second day off):

    Bench Press: 4x8 @ 90lbs (+Bar)
    Dumbbell Flyes: 4x8 @ 45lbs each
    Incline Bench: 4x8 @ 55lbs (+Bar)

    Preacher Curls: 4x8 @ 70lbs
    Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls: 3x10 @ 35lbs each
    Tricep Extensions (Machine): 3x8 @ 70lbs

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 4x8 @ 35lbs each


    Dumbbell Bent Over Rows: 3x8 @ 60lbs
    Lat Cable Pulldowns: 3x8 @ Resistance setting 12 (I have no idea what this equates to in weight)

    Followed by 3 sets of Dips and 3 sets of Chin Ups


    HOWEVER: The day that I noticed the pain in my shoulders I did move up weight in a few exercises, I went from 55lbs to 65lbs on the Incline Bench, and moved from 45lbs to 50lbs on the Dumbbell Flyes.

    At first glance I figure the pain could be caused by a number of things, it could be inflammation, it could be from too much pressure being put on my shoulder joints from the Flyes/Benchpress (possibly due to bad form with too heavy weight), or it could be a muscle imbalance from the fact that as you can see I do 4 exercises that work the chest and delts (5 if you include the Dips) compared with only 2 for my back.

    Anyway, I'm at your mercy: if you can see anything in the information that I've given you that you think could be a potential cause for this shoulder pain PLEASE let me know. Also any advice as to what I should do about it would be appreciated. I asked around some of my gym going buddies and most of them said that taking a week off the weights while doing some stretches (such as shoulder dislocates with a broom handle) should do the trick. I am not averse to taking a week off, but my concern is that this shoulder pain might turn into a recurring problem which would basically suck donkey balls.

    ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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    Well, your training program definitely isn't helping you out at all!

    sorry for being brief; gotta run to work with a client. check out the stickies on setting up a proper training program.

    Optimum Sports Performance

    "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few."
    -Buddha's Little Instruction Book

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    Shoulder pain is bad news. Take some time to do this before you do some damage:
    1) Take P funks advise read this one:
    2) Stop neglecting your legs.
    3) Warm up properly.

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    Warming up, cooling down, flexibility work, and proper program design will go a long way to nipping these issues in the bud.

    Read these:

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