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Supplements, Not Sun, for Vitamin D

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    Post Supplements, Not Sun, for Vitamin D

    Supplements, Not Sun, for Vitamin D

    SCHAUMBERG, Ill.—Consumers are better off getting their vitamin D from the diet and dietary supplements versus unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, according to a new statement from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). C. William Hanke, MD, president of AAD, noted: “Vitamin D is essential for optimal health, and the medical literature supports safe ways to get it—a healthy diet which incorporates foods naturally rich in vitamin D, vitamin D-fortified foods and beverages, and vitamin D supplements.” The group added the Institute of Medicine (IOM) guidelines provide insight into appropriate intake levels, but added higher doses of vitamin D may be needed for individuals with known risk factors for deficiency.
    This abstract was provided courtesy of Natural Products Industry Insider, published by Virgo Publishing Inc.
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    dont forget that your body stores D in the subcutaneous fat layers of the skin and can only become activated when in contact with certain UV light rays. Supplemental D must first be converted to the specifically stored form and will only become active after sun exposure.

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