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3 HGH questions for someone who is HGH clinically HGH deficient

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    3 HGH questions for someone who is HGH clinically HGH deficient

    (Right now I am 29 1/2 years old about 162 17% bodyfat. I am weight to get down to 10-12% bodyfat to start a bulking cycle of AAS)

    I am also going to take HGH either starting now, during, or after the bulking cycle (maybe during the cutting cycle?)

    MY HGH questions are as follows for anyone who could provide some sound feedback (please read all 3 questions before answering as this is based on *MY bloodwork where I'm very low)

    1) what kind is the best kind?

    2) what should the duration be? Is there too short of a timeframe, too long
    of a time frame? I have heard anywhere from 3-12 months?

    Should I take it before, during, and/or after my cycle? (I am also looking
    to take a cutting cycle on test and tren after the bulking cycle)

    3) I will preface it with the fact that I had my blood tested last year..MY
    IGF-1 levels came back extremely low... the reference range was 126-382..
    mine came back a 133! My health insurance was about to cover it but
    renegged (technically I am still in range but obviously its a personal choice
    of mine to get them to an average range let alone someone who is perhaps
    average ranged who is looking to get a high % wise
    range..anyways..assuming 4-6 IU's daily is the standard..the fact that
    my levels were so low...
    should I inject even more than 4-6 IU's daily?

    Thanks so much for your guys feedback

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    You ask which is best. Which ones do you have to chose from?

    Ideally, you would run the HGH for the rest of your life if you are really deficient. Most people like to run it for over 6 months if it's in the budget. 4-6 iu is fine, assuming you have quality product that is well preserved. That is well over replacement dose.
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    How to Use HCG

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    Serostim by Serono is the best GH you can get, and I've pretty much tried them all.

    It's made here in the USA and you don't have to store the kits in the fridge, just what is reconstituted. Much easier to hide one little bottle at a time in the fridge as opposed to keeping 6+ kits in there.

    Use it for a min of 6 months, longer if you can afford it. You asked when to take it, I suggest using it when you have AAS in your system as it will work better. But I would take it as soon as I can get my paws on it.

    You can inject more than 4-6iu daily, just split the doses in 2. First dose as soon as you wake up, second dose early in the afternoon. Good luck.


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