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Surely Diet is not just macros?

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    Surely Diet is not just macros?

    Surely your diet entails more than just macros.
    For example, if you exercise and your glycogen stores are depleted, does catabolism start there?
    And if you enter a catabolic state and break some muscle down, but still manage to eat above maintenance and get enough protein, does that mean that the muscle will be restored?
    Why do you have to have so much protein when just maintaining. Surely if your body enters a catabolic state when there's not enough fuel, then just eating enough carbs and fats should in theory(well of what I know) not cause catabolism. But this is not the case, why?
    If I eat all my food for the day, right macros, in 2 sittings, 3 hours apart, but stay hungry for the rest of the day, will I not start catabolism because I stayed hungry for so long even though I got my macros?
    If muscle break down happens when I'm hungry/starved/out of glycogen, but then I makeup for it in the evening, will that muscle be restored in my sleep?
    If I eat 30% of my protein requirements just before sleep, and protein synthesis doesnt start, but maybe even the opposite because there isnt enough protein, but then later in my sleep all the protein has been absorbed, does that mean I wont build muscle and it'll be a wasted effort because your body cannot store that protein and I'll just piss it out instead??
    If I eat my macros, but eat more trans fat one day than the other, and more simple carbs one day then the other, will I gain more fat the day I eat more trans fats & simple carbs than the day with good fats & complex carbs? If this is the case, doesn't this void the macros idea rather than the individual foods idea?

    I know I could probably find the answers to this, but it will take me a while to find accurate information and I have so much school work to do, as well as working for my neighbour and volunteering at youth group. And also I like posting stuff and coming back to find them in dark blue/bold
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    People have all sorts of different view points on this.

    Some people say that it's cals in, cals out period. Others are extremely strict about precise macronutrient counts, meal timing, etc. Others say fuck macros and focus their diets completely on micronutrients

    At the end of the day I think every body is different, and metabolizes energy in subtly different ways. There are certain fundamentals that are generally applicable to everybody regarding minimum intake of certain nutrients (such as protein), but beyond that, I think the best thing you can do is just experiment, listen to your body, and find what works best for you.

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    I'm starting to believe that it really just is calories in to calories out. (As far as weight gain/loss is considered) Not body composition.

    I say this, because i know plenty of friends in amazing shape who eat trans fat everyday...(Fast food, McDonald's) They would be getting fat, or something would change otherwise...

    Not everyone eats perfect.

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    Your body is constantly being catabolic and anabolic. The key is to keep it more in one direction. Think about it, your constantly shedding skin, losing hair, repairing injuries (scabs, cuts, bruises), replacing dead cells, etc. Your body is constantly making new cells to replace those. You need protein and essentinial amino acids to build those cells. Your body is constantly using protein. It is not just for muscle tissue. Your organs and all other tissues have cells being replaced constantly. So keep your diet good, and hit your macros and try to keep your body in an anabolic state.

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    The bottom line is that everyone is differant. I have a friend that eats fast food almost every day and never works out and is lean and muscular. That's just his body type.

    Now if you use the 6 to 7 meals a day and break down the macros between the meals that will work for everyone, some better than others, but it is tried and true for 99% of people. Now your job is to figure out what works best for YOU. Some guys can get away with only 3 big meals a day, some 4 others may only eat twice and hit the mark. The best thing to do is start with what you know will work, small meals 6 to 7 times a day then work from there.

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