anybody unbiased 1-t tren reviews yet?

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    anybody unbiased 1-t tren reviews yet?

    please no one related or biased from PP(no offense)... im tied of reading all these threads overrun with advertising and "opinions" from ppl linked to PP in some way.. good solid solid info is fine, but this product is becoming the next beastdrol with its ultrabiased opinions.. the only real detailed logs ive seen are on their website, i would never trust that.. their are a few logs peppered throughout the forums, but most only have a few posts

    pretty much if your a noob on this site (like me), or i suspect your linked to the company in some way ill disregard, and i think others should also.. all im looking for is a solid product, not to fatten up anyone's paycheck

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    It's too new to have the abundance of feedback you seek. Give it some time.
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