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Few tips on workout

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    Few tips on workout

    Hi all,
    recently started getting really into gym so i enlisted the help of one of the P.Ts there,,im around 5ft10 and around 150Ib (10.12 stone Uk )
    was just wondering on your guys views on 1 set training?
    basically his view is just to do one all out set of 10 as when you do 3 sets the first 2 your not really trying??
    been following it for few months and i have gained, but cant help wondering why if this method is "the best" why everyone else in the gym does 3 lol.
    its top half, oneday chest back arms, second day legs and core, 3 times a week.

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    Ask your buddy for some research backing up his claim of this "the best" workout.

    Who came up with it?
    How long have they been doing it?
    What type of gains can be expected?
    Any injuries or risk of injuries associated with is type of workout?

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