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Training with sore muscles?

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    Training with sore muscles?

    My workouts have been leaving me sore lately, since I changed my routines. My body isn't used to the new movements, should I keep training even though I'm sore. I think I gave ample rest, I waited 3 days and I'm still sore.

    Hit me with some opinions!
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    So long as it doesn't affect your ability to perform the movements with perfect form, i don't see any reason not to.

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    if you're sore simply because of the fact that you are changing things but are still taking adequate rest days then i as well say go for it... but if you're sore because you're training too many consecutive days without rest then take some time off to recover... i try not to train more than 2 days in a row without taking a day of rest... sometimes if i train 3 days in a row then i'll take 2 days after to recover...

    "So long as it doesn't affect your ability to perform the movements with perfect form"

    i agree
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    If your muscles aren't ready to go another round, don't.
    However, if they're not, probably should re-evaluate your meal plan.

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