Memorial Day Sale!!!

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    Thumbs up Memorial Day Sale!!!

    "CEM- First's Freaking AWESOME you guys support us..the Troops! I have been doing business with you guys for Almost 5 YEARS now and the reason is you guys ROCK!!! PERIOD!!!! Where is the darn Aromasin?? It hasn't been available in months!!! Regardless I love you guys and keep supporting the troops!!!"
    -Lt. Rocco

    To Celebrate Memorial Day, CEM is offering two great
    promo codes to our loyal customers:

    If you spend under 100 at the store –
    you get 10% off your purchase using LTRocco10

    If you spend over $100 at the store –
    you get 20% off your purchase using LTRocco20

    CEM Store

    Aromasin will be available very soon!!!


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    cem store is the sale still running??? Are the promo codes still good?

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