We are bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts just like yourself. Some of us even competed in small local shows.

We?ve been members of different forums and blogs along the years, but always noticed the need for a place that would provide news of the industry, uncensored discussion and reliable sources.

That?s why we decided to join forces and create RoidVisor, a comprehensive website with everything in one place, mobile friendly and full of information about our industry, updated on a daily basis.

Along the way, we were joined by a few vets in the industry, renowned article writers and IT experts, making sure that our content is up-to-date and all the information is secure.

But, do we want to be just another bodybuilding website? NOPE!

We aim for the stars, we want to build the largest bodybuilding and fitness portal on the web, with everything you need to become your best version. With sponsors that will deliver every product needed for you to step on a bodybuilding stage if that?s your desire, or simply improve your body to its very best version possible.

the RoidVisor Team