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  1. Welcom
  2. New guy in town :)
  3. New PSL Rep...Mike Arnold.
  4. Open Questions Thread
  5. Steroid User Injection Manual
  6. Changing Your Body With PSL Products.
  7. Any takers?
  8. Website tech issues being resolved !
  9. Pharm grade domestic?
  10. Thats what I am talking about!!!!
  11. New additions at puritysourcelabs.com
  12. PSL...what products would you like to see?
  13. puritysourcelabs.com - OMNAS and Test PROLONGATUM SPECIAL !!
  14. PSL offering human-grade gear for only $38 per vial!!!!
  15. PSL Euro-Pharm review/log
  16. How fast are you guys getting your packages?
  17. Website Review
  18. You want free gear? We want tits/ass pics!
  19. EU line is simply one of the best
  20. puritysourcelabs.com glides fast now - ALL's fixed.
  21. PSL came through exactly as they said they would
  22. site review
  23. HGH is back in offer !
  24. I recently ordered, will keep you bro's upto date on everything
  25. Anyone use the Euro-Pharmacies Proviron?
  26. having problem setting up account at PSL. Anyone else?
  27. A shot
  28. PSL Contest Winnings
  29. The Perfect Tren Cyle for Novices using PSL EU line Anavar is KEY
  30. Full Int. Line of EP is now here at P.S.L.!!!
  31. Why PSL?
  32. NON AAS induced anabolic/anticatabolic cascade....PSL non AAS run
  33. 14 days restock domestic section break.
  35. PSL has 100% legit OMNADREN250! Just got my order in, here are photos box and all->
  36. Awesome!
  37. PSL Special: Pharm-Grade Test Enth at UGL Prices
  38. Anyone try there arimidex
  39. ♥My Journey With PSL Products♥
  40. New tasty special offer from psl.
  41. Got my order
  42. Bodies Developed by PSL Euro-Line and OMEGA
  43. Tell is what you think
  44. Lab Results!
  45. ???? DOM Line PSL
  46. Why is PSL is the best!?
  47. PSL delivers..as promised
  48. Happy Easter
  49. Sustanon
  50. PSL rocks!!!
  51. Super fast delivery!!!! Aka touchdown!
  52. Methanddienine aka dbol
  53. New order!
  54. Hcg
  55. EP Line Test Prop Review
  56. Clenbuterol (Clen)
  57. More EP gear Porn
  58. My first experience with PSL
  59. dom back up!
  60. New Customer
  61. Trenbolone Enanthate
  62. PSL's Viagra or Cialis ??????
  63. PSL's Domestic Line has Been Fully Restocked
  64. Pin Gauge
  65. Signature vs. No-Signature Shipping
  66. P.S.L. HCG Photo
  67. PSL Cycle
  68. New PSL Contest
  69. My First Purity Source Labs Exp.
  70. P.S.L. Gear Porn
  71. Killer PSL Special: Pharm-Grade Gear for Less Than UGL Prices!!!
  72. kinda excited
  73. Anavar - Oxandrolone
  74. How to get big:the short ester way
  75. Great Service and P.S.L. Porn
  76. Sexual Performance Enhancment Stack
  77. Post your coolest new music for our cycles :)
  78. Dbol-A-dex-Viagra....EQ..Defff a little worried
  79. First order with psl
  80. Gtg?
  81. Tren is not my friend
  82. Smooth sailing...with psl..
  83. Bodybuilding Motivation - It's a Lifestyle
  84. TOUCH DOWN! Testoviron depot and Galenika PHOTOS! 2 types of Testoviron?
  85. Genesis
  86. New Product Available From PSL!!!
  87. Hey Everyone!
  88. Why Anavar should ALWAYS be run with TrenBelone (TriTRENabol by PSL Labs)
  89. PSL is a top notch seller
  90. Anavar from PSL
  91. PSL blue top gh results
  92. Another order in.
  93. EP Line feedback
  94. Well, rather than play with Robbiek all day...
  95. PSL site down
  96. the next time you want to mail it in on leg day...
  97. Daddy, what is your favorite gearz ...
  98. first order w/ PSL for my first cycle
  99. I got a fever...
  100. first order at PSL
  101. Funny!
  102. First PSL order...TD
  103. Contest TD
  104. is PSL a piggyback of Z?
  105. Dehydration
  106. PSL delivery time
  107. Free Gear in Exchage for Lab Work
  108. TD First Order PSL Testoviron Depot!!!!
  109. Purity Source Labs TD
  110. New!
  111. First Order
  112. TBOL-POWER SALE - By PSL !!
  113. JenniK Rockin a PUMP
  114. JenniK0904 Starts a Training Log
  115. Why PSL?
  116. Another PSL TD!
  117. Back for more
  118. New PSL Customer
  119. Clen
  120. TD on first PSL order
  121. I love you PSL! TD
  122. Sponsored by Purity Source Labs = The Modern Mike Mentzer Cycle
  123. Shipping to Canada
  124. Touchdown!
  126. Opened to your special offers suggestions & needs - at PSL.
  127. Purity Source Labs Blue tops and EP Cyp are good to go!
  128. A WELL KNOWN FACT ON HG GEAR (Like Jelfa)
  129. Turinabol Facts
  130. 50 amps Testosteron Depo (galenika)- 250mg/ml 1ml/amp PG
  131. New P.S.L. Rep here ZOLTRON! :-D
  132. Question..
  133. Touchdown..? I think so!
  134. Td!!!!!!!
  135. omna amps exp 08 2013
  136. new treats
  137. HG Tested legit and properly dosed ~
  138. Bacteriostatic Water ADDED to Offer !!
  139. Testoviron Depot - 250mg/ml 1ml/amp PG
  140. New OMNA batch in- Stock up at PSL !!
  141. Omna TD!
  142. A Virgin No Longer
  143. Purity Source Labs Reps?
  144. Is HCG a thing of the past?
  145. NEW EP LINE GEAR IN! Deca Test and Anavar :-D
  146. My first experience with PSL
  147. Pink Ladies
  148. First td
  149. Very happy!!!
  150. PSL's 2+1 SPECIAL !!
  151. first order
  152. Psl= g2g
  153. so if I were to run a gears abuse log what would
  154. Pink Ladies VRS Euro SUST ?????
  155. PSL GH Test order going through!!!!!!!!
  156. first order
  157. Just recieved first package!
  158. PSL's - EP Line Crystal Clear|Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification
  159. here weeeeee go
  160. Apologies to IMF Members ...
  161. Went Thru with Vets,Members Suggestion...
  162. Second Order Review
  163. EP - Blue Rubber Stoppers
  164. Halloween Wishes and Treats (4Days Offer)...
  165. WU Run-a-round
  166. Is Domestic ever returning?
  167. most recent score
  169. Domestic returned !!
  170. PSL Promises and Delivers!!!
  171. Same batch, different color - Deca, Tren E
  172. PSL GH progress
  173. Special GENOTROPIN Offer Added !
  174. stepped down.
  175. Little Special Dom. deal.
  176. Purity Source Labs....the fancy elixir salesmen
  177. ordered from psl, tracking said delivered but nothing in my mailbox
  178. New to PSL & Forum
  179. Happy Christmas - Happy 2+1 SPECIAL !!
  180. PSL Drol
  181. First order
  182. psl rep?
  183. PSL EP line from europe?
  184. tracking
  185. Anadrol
  186. whats the deal with PSL?
  187. New EP Line Products added to Offer !!
  188. Test CYP?
  189. 5 Days Auction by PSL !
  190. Just wanted to introduce myself
  191. Spring cutting
  192. ~OMGosh~ PSL now offering PrimoBolan? aka "Arnolds Steroid of choice"
  193. Got my winnings!!
  194. EP Sus250
  195. Ep m1t
  196. Anyone else having problems getting safe mail
  197. Strongest oral to hit the market is back at PSL!!
  198. Aromasin
  199. Anyone try PSL Genotropin 36IU- Pfizer?
  200. << Official P.S.L. Representative GOTGrowth! >>
  201. P.S.L. Steroid Discussion Analysis Survey !
  202. " PSL Fountain of Youth " 14 week Stack
  203. Whats the MOST you have gained on cycle?
  204. The "Foutain of Youth" , Young-4-ever Stack is here, please take a moment to look...
  205. P.S.L. is proud to announce CANADIAN DOMESTIC DELIVERY!
  206. I am about to Log my Cycle here, please support me
  207. New & Cool !!! SPECIAL Still UP.
  208. test cyp and tren e from ep line
  209. Pct
  210. Whose on cycle with EP products? How are you doing. ;)
  211. 11 weeks to a New Me :)
  212. cialist psl dissapointed
  213. 2 + 1 Special offer EP Products
  214. PSL Sponsored Contest
  215. M-1T For packing on the summer pounds quick!
  216. Your FAVORITE PRODUCT we carry?
  217. Primo!!
  218. anavar
  219. Competition Check -In
  220. Whose PUMPED WITH PSL this summer?
  221. EP Test Cyp Vs Test E
  222. Pharmacy Grade Genotropin HGH from P.S.L.!
  223. Happy Landing!
  224. No dom posts-read the rules
  225. Journey to the XPC Arnold Bench Qualifier
  226. Genotropin log sponsored by PSL
  227. Awsome domestic sale from P.S.L.
  228. Genotropin blood test results !
  229. Special Bulk offers
  230. P.S.L. Sterile Injection water
  231. UK service from P.S.L.
  232. Genotropin RESTOCKED!
  233. P.S.L. website down for maintenance.
  234. E.P. Log (P.S.L. sponsored) LBB
  235. PSL Review - Test, EQ, M1T
  236. Thanks for coming through for me, PSL
  237. PSL's Summer End Special
  238. P.S.L. Offshore site and webmail!
  239. Genotropin HGH Back in stock!
  240. NEW! (P.S.L.) Euro-Pharmacies Testosterone Suspension
  241. Website maintenance!
  242. LOW/HIGH Test? Normal cycles, Tips, Advice
  243. HGH Likes Dislikes, How'd it work?
  244. Little PSL Trailer ...
  245. P.S.L. Euro Pharmacies Halotestin reviews
  246. Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale!
  247. cialis psl
  248. PSL Question on order
  249. New Blue Top HGH
  250. EP Sustanon 500
  251. P.S.L. Web Site Maintenance
  252. ( PSL ) EP Test 400
  253. ( PSL ) EP Sustanon 500
  254. ( PSL ) EP Test/Tren 400
  255. Genotropin needs to go QUICK
  256. EP Tren/Var Combo
  257. ( PSL ) Super Cuts Cycle
  258. Another P.S.L. Special for YOU!
  259. Purity Source Labs COMBOS & STACKS!
  260. ( PSL ) 12 Weeks Shredder Cycle+HCG ! Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Testosterone,hcg
  261. Safe-mail Announcement
  262. Shipping without a problem!
  263. SALE EXTENDED (Until End of November!)
  264. We only carry Euro Pharmacies products with a DEC 2016 EXP DATE!
  265. Test Prop and Dbol Log
  266. EP Test Prop/Tren Ace BLEND ONLY $50!
  267. NEW Euro Pharmacies Products!
  268. Testosterone Undecanoate 500MG
  269. www.BodyBuildingExpertise.com
  270. (PURITYSOURCELABS)TAD600 (Glutathione Injectables) SAMPLE/TESTERS NEEDED!
  271. **Looking for LOGGERS!** (PURITYSOURCELABS)
  272. New Purity Source Labs (PSL) Representative here!
  274. Purity Source Labs (psl) review thread. Leave your reviews here!
  275. (PuritySourceLabs) HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED
  276. Sales??
  277. Shipping during the holidays and avoiding shipping problems
  278. Heads up! Fake EP Products appeared.
  279. Massive psl touchdown =)
  280. PSL Sale! Sale! Sale!
  281. Knock Knock, Who's there? PSL!!!
  282. Euro Pharmacies OXANDROLONE Anavar- 10mg
  283. PSL - Test, Npp, Mast, Var
  284. Bodybuildingexpertise|Bloodwork accuracy tips. Why?
  285. THE LUMBER JACK!!! (PuritySourceLabs) CYCLE PACKAGE
  286. PSL oxandrolone (anavar) AND drostanolone prop (masteron) LABMAX TEST RESULTS GTG!
  287. Gear Porn
  288. (PSL) - New option available
  290. KAMAGRA ORAL JELLY(Sildenafil citrate)
  291. Growth Hormone Blue tops out of stock!
  292. 5 vials Tri-Trenbolone(Tri-Tren)150mg/ml 10ml PSL
  293. PSL test prop 525mg/week blood work! Almost 4000 TT!
  294. 1st order with psl
  295. Caber?
  296. First order with PSL
  297. Enorm pharma
  298. PSL- real nice, fast, detailed ship tracking with text updates
  299. First Order with PSL.
  300. Regarding Payment for Blue Top HGH
  301. 10 vials Primobolan Depot SALE
  302. Primo Enanthate
  303. Giving PSL a Try - First Order
  304. Journey with PSL.
  305. PSL ALPHA Pharma Amps PSL
  306. My PSL Experience
  307. 2nd order with PSL
  308. Holiday Shipping
  310. Now in stock...Euro-Pharmacies VIAGRA and CIALIS blister packs!
  311. New PSL Head Rep - Jozifp103
  312. New P.S.L. Representative - Repo
  313. need some help
  314. psl proviron for my trt regime
  315. Yet another PSL LABMAX THREAD! Masteron Enanthate = GTG
  316. Purity Source Labs 2 NEW PHARMA HGH BRANDS IN STOCK! Ansomone + Somatropin
  317. Tren Ace.
  318. Purity Source Labs LETROZOLE
  319. Purity Source Labs FRIDAY SPECIAL! $25 10mL vials TESTOSTERONE BASE! 48hrs only!!!
  320. Touch Down!
  321. $60 EP Tri-Tren SPECIAL! Friday 5/29 48 hours only! *Purity Source Labs*
  322. Question from PURITY SOURCE LABS....Pharm Grade Insulin?
  323. Little PSL sample pack :) Including 2 new products!
  324. Purity Source Labs 48 hour SALE this FRIDAY 6/5! New GREY TOP HGH 100iu kits $150!!!
  325. needing some help.
  326. PSL Gray top HGH blood work results
  327. Friday 6/12 Purity Source Labs $30 Equipoise SPECIAL! 48 hours only!!!
  329. Announcing a new Unique product. TAD-600 (glutathione)!!!
  330. This Friday 6/19 PSL SPECIAL! PFIZER GENOTROPIN 36iu for $199!!! 48 hours only!
  332. Starting this Friday 6/26......TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 10mL Vials for $25
  333. PURITY SOURCE LABS 4th of July Special. All orders 15% off!!!
  334. PSL Aromasin EP
  335. New lower price on PSL PFIZER GENOTROPIN HGH! Plus new bulk deals on SOMATROPIN HGH!
  337. Paypal option removed until further notice
  338. PSL New batch number, expiration date, and new STAMPED VIALS!
  339. Purity Source Labs ANSOMONE HGH BACK IN STOCK! Now at a lower price!
  340. PSL Ansomone HGH price dropped EVEN LOWER!
  341. PSL Weekend Sale!!! 8/15 - 8/16
  342. PSL Payment policy. PLEASE READ
  343. Want to get 10% off any international order? HERE'S HOW!
  344. PSL Training Log, coming soon.
  345. JerBear's Comeback
  346. NEW PAYMENT OPTION for Purity Source Labs :)
  347. Tren E? Who's running EP
  348. SALE Special offer ends on Oct 7 at 6 am US CENTRAL (Limited time)
  349. ★★How To Get Bitcoins★★ A beginners guide on where to buy your first bitcoins!
  350. some ep psl porn for ya
  351. Vision has some unpleasant NEWS!
  352. FLASH sales for the rest of the MONTH!
  353. Friday's OFFICIAL FLASH SALE is here!
  354. HGH SALE "Blue Tops" $160 100iu
  355. how do i pay through paypal?
  356. PSL Flash Sale! 24 hours only! Testosterone Undecanoate 250mg/mL (EP) 50% off!
  357. All PM's will be answered
  358. The Big-Daddy "Sustanon 500"
  359. Ep tren e review
  360. Ep sust 250 review
  361. Mrs mm ANAVAR EP review
  363. 2 labs?
  364. 50% OFF SALE- on all "Euro-Pharmacies" Products!
  365. Bulk prices 50% off
  366. New EP HGH...look
  367. ldog's Health, wellness and HRT thread (By team PSL)
  368. "ldog" NEW rep intro
  369. Eurotropin is officially launched and available
  370. First time buyers "NO MINIMUM ORDER"
  371. Eurotropin HGH mixing (reconstitution) instruction (must read)
  372. M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone) IN STOCK! (PSL)
  373. TRT and Winter Bulking Options
  374. Vision's Eurotropin Porn
  375. Pls
  376. More porn? Yes, please!
  377. Current Cycle Log with PSL gear
  378. Another td!
  379. PSL 30% off Holiday SALE!
  380. LDog's TRT Enhancement Selections for December
  381. It's December!! How can we serve you!!
  382. Here it is (For 10 whole days) SALE!
  383. A word on a quality source (PSL)
  384. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  385. Major news (game changer of 2016)
  386. BEST combo offer EVER! (see for yourself)
  387. Just some BLOOD WORK on PSL Test E :)
  389. Euro or Domestic
  390. PSL's BIGGEST NEWS TO DATE!!! Whole new category of products!!! Now carrying PEPTIDES
  391. Uh huh, some EP GHRP-6 FOR THE SCORE!
  392. Yet another PSL GRAY TOP HGH SPECIAL!
  393. New here
  394. First order incentives?
  395. The Shadow - PSL Sponsored Log
  396. PSL/EP Peptides TD!
  397. Enorm test cyp
  398. TD but color is off
  399. PUSH'S PSL Bulk Cycle Log
  400. Next Blast TD!
  401. 5 days ONLY (FLASH SALE)
  402. Coached By DarkBeast Log - PUSH
  403. Puritysourcelabs.com domain temporary offline
  404. PSL website issue ...
  405. X-mas Short Break.
  406. Have a Smooth and Happy X-MAS & a Happy-Awsome New Year !!!
  411. DAILY FOOD LOG... Daily Goals VS. Actual Nutritional Intake
  412. Sugar 9x more addicting than cocaine
  413. PSL/EP- orals -What You need to Know.
  414. new eurotropin bloodwork
  415. PSL TD and Porn Pics
  416. Td so fast you will freak!
  417. Do you prefer to give or receive oral!
  418. My apologies
  419. Pharma Caber.....!!!
  420. A GLIMMER of light(TD)
  421. PSL NOW HAS A NEW DOMAIN (.ru) NO LONGER (.com)
  422. Back to the basics! Grinding with the Dog!
  423. If you have any Questions or concerns
  424. Thank you for your patience
  425. Eurotropin what to expect.
  426. PSL is proud to release our newest product (TREN BASE)
  427. TD for PSL!!!
  428. Psl- I'm sorry but I must tell the truth!!
  429. Viagra review (a friends story)
  430. Psl break(7-10 days)
  431. Back from Vacation/ time for some changes
  432. We're Backkkk! June 1st.(reopened)
  433. PSL your #1 Stop Shop
  434. A little Testosterone E for me.
  435. Psl t3
  436. Anavar-Underappreciated-what you should know
  437. Attention IMF!! Good News!! Major Announcement!!
  438. A synergistic combination
  439. New innovative dispencing technology.
  440. A small td with porn!
  441. Post Workout Nutrition
  442. New Products!! Doesnt get any better!
  443. New product coming soon!!
  444. Non Traditional Cycle
  445. Back by popular demand!!
  446. My small PSL TD...
  447. Huge sale on pfizer genotropin!!
  448. New
  449. Rip
  450. Why I'm loyal to PSL
  451. The Gladiator (Recomp stack) LIMITED TIME ONLY
  452. Tb-500
  453. Attention please.
  454. Save 5% by using bitcoin
  455. We are back!!
  456. Early bird sale!!! COME AND GET IT!!
  457. New "Gears" Resolutions
  458. Psl international service is back with a 10% sale!!!
  459. NEW rHGH added Somatropin-200?
  460. NEW BROMO added (only $60usd
  461. Genos 30% off !!
  462. G-tropin now available thru Quick Service
  463. Superdrol- get it now!
  464. Previous source not working for me
  465. Happy Valentine's Day
  466. A Widdle Touchdown For My BOO BOOs.
  467. Push's Classic Contest Prep
  468. A fan-tab-ulous td
  469. Whats your go 2 breakfast.
  470. Suffering From Back/Neck/Shoulder pain.
  471. Its Back- NOoPEPT
  473. Ignite your lifts!(ultimate pump) tren base
  474. Welcome our New FAST SERVICE line &quot;Pivotal Labs Inc&quot;
  475. Unique sale! Rare!
  476. Macedog IS BACK IN THE HOUSE
  477. 👍HGH & HCG Test results👍
  478. 👍HGH & HCG Test results👍
  479. 👍PCT & Anti-estrogen Test results👍
  480. 👍Drol & M1T Test results👍
  481. Water Base compounds Test results
  482. New products!!
  483. 6 DAY SALE my little firecrackers!
  484. Touchdown.
  485. NEW**TIROMEL T3 - 25 mcg/tab 100 tabs
  486. Beast Mode cycle (buy now) BULK BULK BULK!
  487. Mass building products ON SALE 10% OFF TODAY!
  488. Late addition to the SALE!👀 THE KING OF - WOW!
  489. Testosterone Isocaproate is here NEW!!
  490. Real or Fake HCG? Don't be a sucker..
  491. Testosterone PhenylPropionate - NEW - AVAILABLE NOW
  492. Important payment info about wu!
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  494. Put that "TUD" back in "STUD" :::Here's how:::
  495. How to check your order status with psl!
  496. Pharmacy Grade CABERGOLINE 10 day sale! 15% off!
  497. Pre-designed cycles to fit your needs!
  498. All new psl touchdown!
  499. Deca - nandrolone deconoate
  500. **Important info about payment options** PLEASE READ
  501. BROMO (only $60usd) D1 dopamine receptor antagonist
  503. Got tren!! Tren for any occasion!
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  505. **NEW MASS SPEC TEST** 4 new products (stenbolone,TIP,TPP and Trest/ment)
  506. All WU/MG orders PLEASE READ HERE
  507. Pharm grade protection!
  508. GHRP-6 The 'Hunger Hormone' Explained
  509. Nootropic SALE
  510. Dragging, feeling run down, PSL may have what you need!
  511. HALOTESTIN - 5mg Mass Spec Test RESULTS!
  512. You won't believe what P.S.L. has launched once AGAIN! :::LOOK:::
  513. Tren out of the question.!? NPP could be what you need.
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  518. Just got my PSL gear and the oil is gold and not clear like usual???
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  520. Pivotal orals back in stock !!
  521. 2.0 Mix & Match 2.0
  522. Can we make your life 30% easier? Look, we just did...
  523. Neighborhood service on vacation oct 8th - oct 16th
  524. ⭐The "BIGGER" sale⭐
  525. HGH option, would you be interested?
  526. Tan Like A Greek God or Goddess
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  536. NPP- underrated and often times over looked
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  542. How can i get my store credit today? Heres How:
  543. How can I get my store credit today? ::Here's how::
  544. The sale you all been waiting for!
  545. You ask...PSL delivers!! Coming soon..
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  562. Site maintenance (ordering site temporarily closed down)
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  564. ?????Pivotal Labs Statement?????
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