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  1. Welcome guys
  2. Introduction and info about Pharmacom labs (production video, tests)
  3. Info about our store, terms and conditions
  4. Free samples!
  5. News and current discounts in our store!
  6. Pharmacom Labs athletes team and our wear
  7. Feedbacks and blood work results
  8. anyone order from online site yet/
  9. Testosterone Enanthate chromotography test results
  10. Any Feedback??
  11. TD on Samples
  12. Dirtwarrior's Test and Deca cycle
  13. Pharmacom td
  14. Roughneck_91 Basicstero.com Sample Log
  15. Launch of a new product in our line!
  16. I ordered through domestic site
  17. New production video - vials washing and sterilization
  18. Pulled the Triger
  19. Our 35% Independence Day discount + FREE MIX5!
  20. Board Rep Announcement
  21. Td #1
  22. Some Feedback
  23. Test P, Test E and Sust Ampules - Freebies with each order.
  24. Summer giveaway!!! Get 200$ store credit!
  25. Looking for partners and bulk customers!!!
  26. Pharmacom, Evo and our reputation!!!
  27. First order
  28. New Additions - Halo, Inj Dbol and MORE
  29. Glorious looking TD - Grab some Tissues
  30. Pharmacom Labs Oxandrolonos (ANAVAR) Lab Test Results
  31. Pharmacom Test Cyp 250 bloodwork
  32. Int Store TD
  33. Pharmacom Labs affiliate program launched! Get as much free gear as you will manage!
  34. August Basicstero Pharmatropin HGH results
  35. New HPLC results
  36. October Basicstero Pharmatropin HGH results
  37. Pharmacom Labs 2016 wall calender
  38. 50ml Test E / Logging opportunity - Apply within
  39. Bitcoin tutorial! How to pay for items in our store with bitcoin!
  40. Black Friday sale up to 50% off!
  41. Incredible christmas sale! Get up to 700$ bonus!
  42. Total Test: 9125 ng/dL @ 1350mg ew
  43. Bitcoin tutorial! How to pay with bitcoins in our store
  44. Price list
  45. Thanks Basicstero!!!
  46. Test results of our products
  47. Forgot user name
  48. Total Test: 4270 ng/dL @800mg ew
  49. 1 day sale - 50% off
  50. My first order
  51. Get up to $700 of freebies with your next order!
  52. I sent you two emails with no respond
  53. Got my order
  54. Pharma Grade PCT meds and more!
  55. High concentrated oils 500 or 600 mg/ml are possible - test results (chromotography)
  56. New crazy promo - 40% off
  57. A customer VERY MUCH wanted to leave a review at all our boards. I want help him...
  58. Caution! Fake products found
  59. Our new rep here
  60. paypal not available?
  61. Pharmacom labs catalog
  62. Safe code
  63. Chinese Labour Day
  64. I received my order, but when I opened the package I found that some missing
  65. May Promo has been extended
  66. TAPATALK - please read
  67. Package without bonus items (URGENT INFORMATION)
  68. Orders in stealth mode for a month
  69. Best Customer Service EVER
  70. Want to order need info
  71. Who has used this company need info
  72. Nandrolone D300 test report
  73. Clothing
  74. Few issues
  75. Mast Enanthate now in stock!
  76. Looking for specialist in biotechnologies!
  77. Summer promo launched - valid till the 1st of september!
  78. Last time
  79. Awesome
  80. Pharmacom is launching pct-line
  81. PHARMA Prim 100 - Simec result
  82. Xmas / NY promo - HGH excluded
  83. SALE 50% off AMPS
  84. $200 Store Credit Contest
  85. BasicStereo (Domestic) DBOL
  86. Basic review / experiences
  87. Fake products being sold in America
  88. Legit products from Basictero
  89. New payment method
  90. It has arrived, get hard!
  91. New payment method (announcement)
  92. 2017 Steak and Blowjob Day - 14th of March / Picture Competition
  93. Cant get ahold of anyone about order
  94. IMPORTANT THEME (domain has changed)
  95. Visa payment gone
  96. BasicStereo International comes thru .. AGAIN!!
  97. Sale 50% off
  98. Basicstero - pharma mix 4 ... Thank you.
  99. BTC Promo up to $200 free products.
  100. Summer Shredder / Transformation Contest
  101. Last tested products: Dbol, TestE300, TrenA100
  102. BasicStero HCG + Lab Testing
  103. Response to emails
  104. Grow your balls with Basicstero
  105. BTC or GTFO!
  106. In this week's news
  107. Drug Expiration Dates ? Do They Mean Anything?
  108. No change in order status after 3 days
  109. Us domestic down?
  110. Will US domestic warehouse ever restock?
  111. Promotion: Summer Heat has just started! up to $200 of free bonus items
  112. NEWS: email service for order-updates/status/tracking experiencing temporary hiccups
  113. Exciting News! Premium EU warehouse available for ALL
  114. Please welcome our new support crew rep!
  115. Pharmacom labs news - all around pharmacom labs and bodybuilding
  116. Buy $300 get $200 FREE! intl crypto promo last week (ends Oct 31st)
  117. One Day Only (31 October 2018)! A Halloween Promo so good it's scary!
  118. **WARNING: fake email scam attempt found**
  119. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2018: five days of Basicstero promo!
  120. EXTENDED to Jan 5th: Christmas season Sale/Promo: buy $300 get $200 FREE!
  121. Simec - what products to text as next?
  122. Almost over... Promo until end of January!
  123. Important info (Basicstero customers please read): accounts and warehouse transfer
  124. PROMO -- New Premium Worldwide warehouse! Free bonuses!
  125. Found bugs on our site? Report and get 100$ store credit bounty
  126. Opportunity: volunteers to try new products FREE
  127. ANNOUNCEMENT: We have 2 EU shipping locations now, please read for important details
  128. Looking forward to giving you guys a go.
  129. Mk 677 td
  130. Promo EXTENDED until September 1st, 2019 !
  131. !!!highly concentrated products! Warning!!!
  132. Who’s got questions
  133. Let’s talk about a Test prop taper!
  134. Hormone Profiles
  135. Mixes Special Line
  136. Convenient, simple, cost effective
  137. Happy Labor Day
  138. Basicstero September Promo
  139. New Anabolic Lab Report
  140. Keeping up to date
  141. This is why you have deca dick
  142. Halloween Promo! 31st of October to 5th of November
  143. Basicstero's most popular PROMO EXTENDED to January 1st, 2020!
  144. Superdrol coming soon!
  145. GH packaging has a new look
  146. Recent progress pic of myself
  147. Review
  148. Post your relaxed (not flexing) photos here.
  149. Important info: delays due to governments' corona policies; US warehouse not effected
  150. Local Warehouse Closure Dates
  151. Basicstero Special Promo
  152. Anabolic Doc ep.21
  153. A bit humor at these days would not hurt.
  154. Good news: I've been seeing a lot of Touchdowns recently
  155. Important Reminder
  156. What's for breakfast?
  157. Customer Anonymous Submitted Analytic Result for Pharmacom Test-C amp From Basicstero
  158. Blood work on Pharmacom Sust 500
  159. minimum order for crypto payments?
  160. PROMO Bonus Items from Basicstero intl until the end of 2020
  161. Black Friday Promo
  162. Merry Christmas Pharmacom Phamily
  163. Christmas promo launched!
  164. Chinese New Year (Feb 11 - 17, 2021) Basicstero Warehouse-2 (W2) not able to ship
  165. Due to Brexit UK custom require VAT for parcels shipped from outside of UK
  166. New Range of Discounts for Orders Paid by Cryptocurrency
  167. when will they restock Warehouse 1 ???
  168. Good News from Basicstero: Warehouse W1 can now ship to the UK again
  169. GW1516 "Hennos" (aka "Cardarine" GW501516 "endurobol") Information
  170. Pharmacom Mixes: A Look at MIX-2 and Mix-6
  171. Basicstero site under DDOS-attack AND other Important News
  172. Good Shipping Information
  173. Basicstero's Summer PROMO is Launched
  174. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! Orders Should Only be Placed Through the Official Basicstero Store
  175. Basicstero store: correct website address
  176. NEW PRODUCT: Pharmacom Testosterone Undecanoate
  177. How-To Submit Payment Info Guide
  178. EXTENDED to the end of November: Blackfriday 2021 Promo #2!!!
  179. WINTER time PROMO!
  180. Warehouse W2 holiday break starting Jan 24th to Feb 10th 2022. W1 and W3 not effected