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Testosterone is by far my favorite steroid because it's safe, comfortable, elicits rapid mass and strength gains while maintaining libido, a sense of well-being and energy. I recommend Testosterone as the base of almost every cycle. It's not uncommon for a first time user to gain 15-20lbs of LBM in a standard Testosterone cycle. Testosterone comes in many estered and non estered preparations. Additionally Testosterone comes in a wide variety of pharmacy grade and underground lab blends. Jelfa Omnadren 250 is a high quality oil based four component pharmaceutical grade Testosterone blend.

Jelfa of Poland has been manufacturing Omnadren 250 since 1994 and continues to manufacture it to this day. Omnadren 250 is typically supplied in a box containing 5 1ml ampules. Over the years this four component blend has changed but the current version contains 30mg Testosterone propionate, 60mg phenylpropionate, 60mg isocaproate and 100 decanoate. This is the exact same four component blend in Sustanon 250. The Omnadren 250 blend provides a rapid and a long duration of action of release of Testosterone. Essentially Testosterone levels rise rapidly in the first 24 hours and stay elevated for more than two weeks. This has an advantage for a user who wants a less frequent injection schedule or for someone who wants to travel without bringing syringes and medication with them.


The various esters in Omnadren 250 provide varying release times. The propionate ester (the fastest ester in Omnadren 250) extends the release time of testosterone a couple of days. In contrast, the deconate ester (the longest ester in Omnadren 250) prolongs the release of testosterone about 3 weeks. Testosterone enanthate and isocaproate are somewhat similar esters and have about a 7-10 day duration of action. The use of an ester allows for a less frequent injection schedule than using a non estered based testosterone like testosterone base or TNE which has no ester at all and is rapidly in and out of your system after injection. The published release times are not exact and are many times based on a single injection not many multiple injections which can delay the release of the hormone. Other factors also may affect release times of esters such as scar tissue and the muscle group injected. Only a blood test can confirm when the active hormone has cleared your system.

Esters not only effect release times but also the potency of the Testosterone as esters make up part of the steroid weight. This must be taken into account when calculating dosages. The longer the release time the less free hormone. For example propionate is about 15% more potent mg. for mg. then enanthate so 500mg of propionate would equal about 575 mg. of enanthate. The following chart illustrates the free base equivalents for several compounds.


OMNADREN 250 esters

30mg Propionate: Chemical Structure C3H6O2.
Also referred to as Carboxyethane; hydroacrylic acid; Methylacetic acid; Ethylformic acid; Ethanecarboxylic acid; metacetonic acid; pseudoacetic acid; Propionic Acid. Propionate esters will slow the release of a steroid for several days. To keep blood levels from fluctuating significantly, propionate compounds are usually injected three to four times weekly. Testosterone propionate is an ester that gives some users the ?on? feeling when injected. Propionate has a special place in my heart as it seems to really boost my sex drive and give me an added boost in the gym.

60mg Phenylpropionate: Chemical Structure C9H10O2.
Also referred to as Propionic Acid Phenyl Ester. Phenylpropionate will extend the release of active steroid a few days longer than propionate. To keep blood levels even, injections are given at least twice weekly. Durabolin is the drug most commonly seen with a phenylpropionate ester (nandrolone phenylpropionate), although it is also used with testosterone in Sustanon and Omnadren 250.

60mg Isocarpoate: Chemical Structure C6H12O2.
Also referred to as Isocaproic Acid; isohexanoate; 4-methylvaleric acid. Isocaproate begins to near enanthate in terms of release. The duration is still shorter, with a notable hormone level being sustained for approximately one week. This ester is used with testosterone in the blended products Sustanon and Omnadren. I have often thought this to be the near perfect ester as it has plenty of free hormone but does not have to be injected often.

100mg Decanoate: Chemical Structure C10H20O2.
Also referred to as decanoic acid; capric acid; caprinic acid; decylic acid, Nonanecarboxylic acid. The Decanoate ester is most commonly used with the hormone nandrolone (as in Deca-Durabolin) and is found virtually all over the world. Testosterone decanoate is also the longest acting constituent in Omnadren 250, greatly extending its release duration. The release time with Decanoate compounds is about 3 weeks. To keep blood levels more stable, athletes will follow at least a weekly injection schedule with decanoate.

Androgen Replacement Thearapy

OMNDREN 250 is sometimes prescribed for androgen replacement therapy. Typical dosages are one ampule every 2-3 weeks. This dose may be adjusted by your physician after blood androgen levels are measured. I recommend that males keep their Total Testosterone levels in the high end of the range (1,000ng/dl) so more frequent dosing may be needed. I would start with 1 ampule every 2 weeks for a 4-6 week duration and then get blood work 10 days after my last injection to evaluate the dose. Because Omnadren may be injected so infrequently for androgen replacement therapy it's quite convenient for those who do not like more frequent injections. However the propionate ester is sometimes irritating in some users so response is individualistic.


OMNADREN 250 Cycle
Dosages for first time users range from 500mg to 750mg per week. This is usually plenty of testosterone to provide significant increases in strength, power and lean body mass if proper nutrition, training and recovery are followed. Effective cycle duration should range from 8-12 weeks. More advanced users could double this weekly dose however side effects are dose dependent so care must be taken at higher doses. Especially important is control of Estradiol. The use of Nolvadex or an aromatase inhibitor is strongly advised while on cycle.

I especially like the esters in Omnadren as the propionate and phenylpropionate give a nice boost almost immediately. This is great to inject on a Friday morning to maximize sex drive for the weekend and to help with hard and heavy training in the gym. There was a period of three years where I only had access to a blend that was identical to Omnadren and that was the only testosterone I used for those years. After many cycles with this blend I can honestly say it's one of my favorites.

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04-09-2012, 07:15 PM
Nice write up. I've been looking at those for cruising. How often would someone inject for a cycle to keep blood levels stable?

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Nice write up. I've been looking at those for cruising. How often would someone inject for a cycle to keep blood levels stable?

Prop is 36 hours, phenylpropionate is like 3-4 days so I would pin at least twice weekly. I personally like 3 pins per week on Omna's though for cycling.

For a cruise 1 pin weekly to 10 days is fine.