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05-01-2013, 09:53 AM


http://www.blackstonelabs.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Alpha-1-Max-facts1.jpg (http://www.blackstonelabs.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Alpha-1-Max-facts1.jpg)

ALPHA-1 MAX by BLACKSTONE LABS is a very powerful designer steroid that will illicit significant strength and lean body mass gains in just four short weeks. This methylated version of 1-AD also has a significant conversion to the exceedingly strong but banned Methyl 1-Testosterone (M1T). M1T was arguably one of the most powerful designer steroids to ever hit the OTC market. Therefore, ALPHA-1 MAX possesses two distinct and powerful anabolic pathways that will produce rapid and profound gains in muscle mass and power if proper weight training and nutrition are in place. Users of ALPHA-1 MAX routinely have reported gains of 12-15 lbs. in just one cycle.

ALPHA-1 MAX by BLACKSTONE LABS has been designed for experienced users of anabolic steroids and cycle duration should NOT exceed four weeks. ALPHA-1 MAX does not aromatize which means conversion to estrogen is not a concern. Proper hydration and cycle support is recommended. ALPHA-1 MAX has been purity tested and is the gold standard in Alpha-1 products.


Nomenclature: Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone (20 mg per capsule) Consume 1 capsule twice daily in divided doses.

05-02-2013, 09:14 PM
Hmmmmm this looks pretty promising. Has there been any logs on this yet? If not i volunteer myself lol

05-21-2013, 04:22 AM
there are some logs out there...looks like its a pretty badass product...feedback has been solid...

05-21-2013, 11:58 AM
Ill be starting a log on it this week ;)

05-26-2013, 07:02 AM
Longworthb, definitely interested in following that log. Debated over sdmz / Ostia with 4andro or the new alpha max, I ordered up the sdmz so I'm going to go ahead and run it but Ill be following your log. You stacking it with a non-methy or anything? Good luck.