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04-02-2019, 08:35 AM

I'm RS (roidsource.me)

We've been around since 2012, known on many boards. We're US domestic supplier of AAS and HGH.

One of the special products on the site is Qtropin, we've been working on getting quality, non-Asian, affordable HGH for a couple of years.
Qtropin has been marketed since 2016 and got tons of reviews/feedback/bloodworks. Qtropin is the first Aqua HGH to be sold on the US domestic market (except Simplexx).
Each Qtropin vial contains 110 IU's of HGH, at 20 IU's/ml concentration, 5.5 ml total. Purity : 98-99%+ (we haven't seen less than 99%)
HGH is a liquid substance, then, after multiple cycles of purification it's either gets freeze-dried (white powder) or with some additives filled into vials and stay liquid. We believe that less processing cycles is better for HGH, lots of customers notice that Aqua formula works better than the freeze-dried one. You don't need to worry about contaminating the growth if you use 1 syringe for multiple injections, this may be a problem if you do the same with re-constituted HGH. Another advantage is you don't need to carry 10-20 vials with you, it's 1 vial = 1 kit.
Qtropin should be stored in the fridge, shelf life : 2 years, at room temp : 4-5 weeks, 85 F for 2-3 weeks. Don't freeze it.

PRICE : $1.27/IU

There're always 3-4 deals on Qtropin on our website :
Qtropin 110 IU = $180
Qtropin x 2 (220 IU's) = $320
Qtropin x 3 (330 IU's) = $450
Qtropin x 5 (550 IU's) = $700
As of right now, there's a promo and you can get Qtropin 110 IU's for $140 OR $1.27/IU, like if you purchased the x5 deal.
We accept WU/MG/BTC, $200 min. $15 flat rate shipping

Some feedback here :
http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-ster...15-qtropin-hgh (http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-steroids/1415-qtropin-hgh)
and one our eroids page.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. =)


04-02-2019, 08:16 PM
Liquid POWER!

04-17-2019, 10:17 PM
any safe email to order ?

09-20-2020, 11:56 AM
Received an email this morning. That's exactly what we do : delivering quality products people can afford.

Thank you for exemplary service backed with a quality product. I'm 46 and I
have been training seriously for 30 years. I was a competitive bodybuilder
and was a powerlifter on the All Marine Corps Powerlifting Team during my

I've done many different kinds of GH over the past 20 years including human
grade GH with a name on the label of a publically traded company which in
turn they leverage to justify the exorbitant price.

IMO and experience your GH is just as good and is also the best I have ever
seen on the black market. Thank you.

https://i.ibb.co/0nmBNn5/Qtropin-GIF.gif (https://ibb.co/K5bNZ5n)

09-26-2020, 01:12 PM
https://imageup.ru/img283/3659846/go-to-hgh-small.gif (https://imageup.ru/img283/3659846/go-to-hgh-small.gif.html)

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04-18-2021, 10:25 AM
Dear Friends,

The store is closing down for a few weeks starting April 25th, 12 PM CST

We recommend to submit and complete your orders by April 25th.

All next week we'll offering 5 % off on Qtropin and Insubolic products.
No promo code needed, we'll adjust it manually.


RS & Co.

04-26-2021, 10:54 AM
Ladies and gents,
Decided to post some tests on the current batch of Qtropin.
1 - HPLC on the current batch.
2 - HGH sample from Sigma Aldrich (erased purchase # for safety reasons)
98.14% pure. What's important is the Qtropin is tested against HGH samples from Sigma Aldrich - the Gold standard of the biotech industry.
Qore Pharm is the only lab, at least among NON BIG PHARM CO. that does bioactivity testing besides HPLC.

07-01-2021, 01:01 PM
Gents, the HPLC on the batch we are selling right now, 99,82 %