View Full Version : Cabaser aka Dostinex aka Cabergoline SOURCE - RECON Peptides has it!!

11-11-2019, 12:27 PM
One of the most sought after, and highest recommended ways to keep your Prolactin at bay, is to use Cabaser.

It can be very tricky to source, even though it is actually a pharmaceutical that can be prescribed. It's never super cheap to obtain but it is affordable if you run it at a low or average dose.

Even if you are running Tren, Trest, or Deca, this compound at .5mgs E3d tends to fight off the worst of increased Prolactin.

Increased prolactin shows itself in swollen mammory gland, pain, or itching of the nipples during cycle, or even worse, men can actually lactate, aka produce milk from their nipples, or leak fluids from the nipples.

Not a fun side effect.

So here it is. Domestic and ready to roll.

Now you may see that "Cabaser is not stable in liquid", which is totally not true. So what you don't wanna do is buy this and sit on it. Buy it and use it. After several months, it is said to degrade. So this is not the product you wish to buy and save for 2 years down the road. Buy this for immediate use. Your nipples will love you for it.

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