View Full Version : gym openings

04-20-2020, 06:24 AM
did any of your guys gyms open back up yet?

04-20-2020, 09:56 AM
did any of your guys gyms open back up yet?

The gym I used to go to opened last Friday. No use of showers or lockers allowed and instructions to wipe everything down before and after you use it.

I haven't been able to go to the gym since November, but the time is finally come when I can start back in limited form. I can go back to lifting, but no stressing of my back and no impact maneuvers! I plan to do just that starting now! My surgeon called last Thursday and we had a nice chat, everything is healing normally so I can start doing some limited weight lifting, but nothing that would stress my back... He said it takes a full year for complete healing, so in December I can start working toward normal..

04-20-2020, 05:33 PM
No and doesn't look like it will be for a while.

04-21-2020, 09:07 AM
Maybe next week here