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09-02-2020, 06:08 PM
IMF Family Meet and Greet Insubolic IGF-1 : Recombinant Human IGF-1.

What's the hype is all about? The Qore Pharm produced IGF-1, which is identical to human IGF-1, with no alterations. How many of us heard that "LEGIT IGF-1 is Impossible to get" or questioned if the IGF-1 LR3/DES peptides worth the money? Until now the only legit IGF-1 on the market was Increlex, which is indeed super hard to get and it's very expensive. Insubolic IGF-1, just like Increlex, is Recombinant Human IGF-1 and Qore Pharm made it available to the masses.
Why you need IGF-1? IGF-1 is the hormone that's responsible for many anabolic properties of HGH, if your liver is bad, if you are allergic to HGH or developed anti-bodies, you should consider trying Insubolic. IGF-1 thrown into any cycle : cutting, bulking with AAS of any sort will amplify the overall anabolic performance of your meds, will help you gain leaner muscle mass, not to mention the crazy pumps athletes experience with it.

HGH + IGF-1!!! You won't run HGH without it again. Gonna be posting a clinical study in the next thread.
1 Insubolic vial contains 5 mg or 5000 mcg of IGF-1 per vial.


09-02-2020, 06:15 PM
5 weeks on Insubolic 200 mcg/day and 300 mg of Test Phenyl/week.
http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-ster...start=30#14061 (http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-steroids/2151-insubolic-logging?start=30#14061)

And more ongoing logs on Insubolic IGF-1

http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-ster...-insubolic-log (http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-steroids/2150-my-insubolic-log)

http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-ster...lic-experiment (http://roidsource.me/forum/oral-steroids/2163-the-insubolic-experiment)

09-06-2020, 07:56 PM
https://i.ibb.co/8s8fjBw/Log2.jpg (https://ibb.co/H4gbr2y)
https://i.ibb.co/KWx645b/Log23.jpg (https://imgbb.com/)

"Hello, yes this was just 300mg (100mg M/W/Fri) of Test P per week plus the insubolic.

My diet was not a specific plan as Ive done in the past. I absolutely made sure sodium was kept on check, and I hardly eat sugar foods. I was able to eat as I wanted, with beers on the weekends, and felt great the whole time. This was by far the best cycle Ive done because of that.

I wish the gyms were open for sure! Results wouldve been far greater.

Ive been able to increase strength, size and muscle definition. I know stacking AAS wouldve made the Insubolic experience superior.

Final of my back. Very happy with the lean/bigger finish."


09-07-2020, 05:03 AM

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09-09-2020, 03:37 PM
Gents, stop by and check out this log.

09-16-2020, 09:50 AM

This weeks update is simple...

I have continued to maintain 234lbs but seem to be getting leaner! The experience of growing so fast within just 11days (almost hit the bloody goal weight) was very exhilarating but did take a toll on my sleep.

Tougher to sleep even with CPAP due to FAST increase in mass!!!

http://roidsource.me/media/kunena/emoticons/smile.png Good problem for most to have http://roidsource.me/media/kunena/emoticons/smile.png

INSUBOLIC plus your current regime of AAS etc. is a real ENHANCER and obviously powerful on its own.

With my experience in using INSUBOLIC with my current regime (minus slin) for growth, it is obvious that INSUBOLIC enhances everything used including added FOOD.

Now that I have taken 4days off to recalibrate, my goal is still to reach the 240lb goal weight for mass gain but it seems in order to do so, I will need to be mindful of food consumption. It was awesome to see that MASSIVE weight increase but my body (at 43) said go fuck yourself.

With that, keeping the nutrient intake a little cleaner it should slow the process down to a pace that is HEALTHIER for my body.

Not even HUMALOG/SLIN has given the kind of response I've gotten from addition to regular AAS/HGH regime!

WARNING...INSUBOLIC w/AAS and increased Caloric Intake etc. will produce some serious results fast!!!

I've buckled down on slightly cleaner carb options so that the growth is going to be better quality but also at a pace my body will prefer.

Even with a TON of experience using various gear etc. one has to RESPECT the effect Insubolic will bring to their regime.

I'm excited with this experiment and now that I am fine tuning and learning what my specific response to INSUBOLIC is, moving forward will be even better!

INSUBOLIC has been a game changer that I am happy to have in my arsenal!!!

Thank you RS for making this available to us.

09-21-2020, 02:05 PM
Check out the feedback on Insubolic, bro's (the guy is on other AAS BTW, not just IGF-1/HGH, I believe)
Before I Started it i was on a cruising weight of 260 Im 275 now . I put on a solid 15 pounds since I started . I have been taking 200mcg of it stacked with 5iu of your hgh 5 days on 2 days off . And the muscle pumps that I get with it is unbelievable. Im extremely happy and would recommend it . I will be staying on the igf as a permanent stack with my hgh

P.S. Imma ask if I can re-post the photo he sent....amazing progress.


09-27-2020, 11:50 AM
For many years the good name of Recombinant Human IGF-1 has been misused, many peptide companies are selling IGF-1 LR3/DES peptides claiming them to be a SUPERIOR version of Recombinant Human IGF-1. Believe it or not, but the peptides are yet to be proven effective and safe for human use, zero clinical trials, the mechanism of it's action when injected in human body is very unclear.

10-01-2020, 10:43 AM
Got this feedback just a few min ago, with the senders permission, posting it up.
Oh man things are starting to get freaky! I'm running the Tri-Tren half mL and test Phenyl-Prop half mL EOD!!! That's barely any gear I'm used to BUT the Qtropin keeping me sharp at 4ius a day, and with the Insubolic I know is the key to unlocking the strength of the gear/hGH combo... because I would we running doses twice this amount easily without the Insubolic...I lift and dose my 100mcg before my meals and freaking recovery is out of this world man! I've cut my training times in half and am able to lift more often. Also a major factor I know for a fact is my injuries from prior surgeries like stiff joints and impingement in my shoulder, everything is getting better day by day. I'm out performance in the gym has people giving me the eye like wtf is this dude on! I'm not huge into progress tracking for my preps cause I go by how I look etc. But I'm going to start making a log of weight, progress pics everything going into my competition because I'm looking sicker than I have ever been. Almost feels like cheating lol, this Insubolic is too good man...I'll keep you posted RS

11-10-2020, 06:00 PM
This is Insubolic Bioactivity test. The Insubolic IGF-1 has been added into a tube with live cell culture.

11-17-2020, 02:44 PM
We often hear, why IGF-1 LR3/DES is available everywhere while IGF-1 (Recombinant Human aka Mecasermin, Increlex) is not.
One of the main reasons is how the substances are produced.

This machine - Peptide Synthesizer is used to create(assemble) peptides from amino acid residue.

https://thinksteroids.com/community/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fcem.com%2Fmedia%2Fco ntenttype%2Fmedia%2F2016_products%2Flibertyblue_pr oduct_image_2.png&hash=6cabe4d97f591681e3fdcb18899089c5
Proteins (HGH/IGF-1) are not assembled from amino acids residue by a chemical process, but assembled inside the cell or eukaryotes or prokaryotes, which is identical to the proteins created by our own cells.

The manufacturing process of IGF-1/HGH involves cultivation, purification etc, so it becomes identical to our endogenous IGF-1/HGH.

When you inject IGF-1 (Insubolic, Recombinant Human IGF-1) you inject the substance that's naturally produced by your body, which won't provoke an immune response in the body.


11-30-2020, 01:36 PM
This is the most recent HPLC test on Recombinant Human IGF-1 (Insubolic)
And it's bioactivity test.
Insubolic IGF-1 is bioidentical to the IGF-1 produced by our body. It can be run for months and Qore Pharm makes it affordable. You no longer need to experiment with research grade chemicals, such as LR3/DES. Use the real hormone, which is native to your body.
The products we carry are not just pure, but also highly bioactive.

12-07-2020, 12:08 AM
Ladies and Gents,


Insubolic IGF-1 is back in stock


12-09-2020, 04:51 PM

01-30-2021, 03:01 PM
A very interesting observation from our client on how the Insubolic IGF-1 helps reduce sides of Trenbolone

Thanks for your time and the Insub+gh is amazing btw. It has literally reduced the sides of a TMP cycle to almost nothing, I sleep 8 hours a night and am eating like a horse right up to bed and no night sweats. I was on cycle two weeks before I got the insub and was sweating like a whore in church every night so again weeks later still having the same positive results just fyi. I Have lost about 8lbs and gained about 12 of what seems like really solid muscle that is here to stay, no water ret. Biceps have gone up 1.5" before WO and almost 3" PWO pump. I honestly hurt some days to finish. Anyway enough of my ramble, just wanted to give some honest feedback.
Appreciate your honest business and have sent some old friends your way and will continue. They have the same feedback btw, love insub.

02-01-2021, 06:05 PM

02-13-2021, 02:51 PM
Test E - 500mg/wk
Primo E 500mg/wk
Qtropin HGH - 4iu daily
Insubolic RH-IGF-1 200mcg daily preworkout
Cardio - 15min HIIT a few times a week just to keep heart and glucose healthy.
Cycle started Dec 28th, starting weight 211,5lb, as of Feb 8th : 224.2lbs = + 13 lb.
P.S. From what I see, with 13 lb added in 6 weeks, the waist got tighter, that's exactly what the athlete said as well: "I noticed my pants felt looser than prior in the waist. Thought I'd be down for the week in weight and would need to raise calories. Instead I was up 1.5lbs"
IGF-1 is helping to gain leaner mass here, especially, seeing that the athlete does 15 min cardio just a few times a week.
Progressing with lower AAS dosages. That's another benefit of using RH IGF-1. Instead of increasing your AAS dosages, you may just add 200 mcg/day.
Lower HGH dosages or no HGH at all. Lots of athletes use 6 IU's of HGH +, + slin. HGH at high dosage almost guarantees water retention, increased blood glucose (lowered insulin sensitivity). Most athletes can run HGH at lower dosages, and avoid using slin.

02-18-2021, 06:04 PM
Good evening Ladies and Gents,

I often spend time researching scientific data on rhGH and rhIGF-1 combination therapy.
Came across this study today :
" Group 3 (IGF-1+HGH) had the greatest changes in lean body mass (mean +/- SE, 3.2 +/- 0.59 kg; P < 0.001)"
This feedback supports the studies you can easily find by googling : "rhGH and rhIGF-1 Combination Therapy" If you find something interesting, please, share.
Hey RS,

I’m really liking this Qtropin and Insubolic stack! This is quality clean stuff bro. Now I see why it’s $140 per 5ml. The packet was still cold when I opened it to. That’s the first time I’ve had it come with the cold packet. That was legit.

I usually pay $245 for 280 iu. But I have to take 10 iu a day to get same effects as what I get when I take 6 iu’s of Qtropin and 3 of Insubolic pre workout. It’s still 9 iu’s of growth but the two together are much stronger and produce much cleaner results. I not only feel better but I look better to.

I’m glad I found you bro. This is a game changer for me. I haven’t had legit pharma grade like hgh for over 2 years.



08-06-2021, 01:33 PM
Evaluation of recombinant human IGF-1 activity through the conversion of resazurin to resofurin by the Neuro2a mouse cell line.
Resazurin is an aromatic compound, a redox indicator - a blue dye, which, upon reduction, turns into a pink fluorescent resorufin. Cells, including the Neuro2a line, reduce resazurin during metabolism. The more active the metabolism is, the more active is the reduction to fluorescent resorufin. Thus, the intensity of the cells glowing in ultraviolet light is directly proportional to the activity of the added hormone.
The plate with cells in serum-free medium was supplemented with
• Recombinant IGF-1 (Insubolic) at 100 ng / ml concentration;
• Pharmacopoeia standard Sigma at 100 ng / ml concentration;
• Blood serum at 10% concentration.
After incubation, resazurin was added to the cells and incubated for conversion (4 hours). The luminescence was assessed visually (B) and using a BMG Clariostar fluorimeter according to the standard "Resarufin" protocol (A). Also, the state and size of the cells were assessed microscopically (C).
According to the obtained data, the Insubolic IGF-1 demonstrated high activity (higher than in the sample with added serum), and slightly higher than the standard from Sigma. The micrographs show an increase in the volume of cells, as well as a change in structure (morphological changes characteristic of neuronal cells occur).


08-06-2021, 01:33 PM
Gents, sharing this very interesting lab test.
There're 4 tubes :
1 Tube : nothing was added.
2 Tube blood serum at 10% concentration
3 The Human Recombinant IGF-1 obtained from Sigma Aldrich (known and respected supplier of lab material) at 100 ng/ml concentration
4 Insubolic IGF-1 (Qore Pharm), 100 ng/ml concentration.

The intensity of the cells glowing in ultraviolet light is directly proportional to the activity of the added hormone.
According to the obtained data, the Insubolic IGF-1 demonstrated high activity (higher than in the sample with added serum), and slightly higher than the standard from Sigma. The micrographs show an increase in the volume of cells, as well as a change in structure (morphological changes characteristic of neuronal cells occur).

Basically, Insubolic IGF-1 slightly outperforms the Sigma Aldrich's IGF-1 in terms of it's bioactivity.

This also proves that Qore Pharm has a team capable of creating formulations that are on par or better than some known big pharma brands.

I'm really proud of the results! =)