View Full Version : The "Horseshoe crab" challenge =)

11-30-2020, 07:37 PM
Here's a challenge :

How the sea creature : Horseshoe crab, helps to create Qtropin HGH?


First correct guess wins a vial of Qtropin (100 IU's)


12-01-2020, 09:17 AM
The Evaluation of the Content of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide Performed Using the Lysate of Amebocytes Obtained from Horseshoe Crabs.
The term LPS was introduced to scientific semantics by R Pfeiffer in
1892 Thermostable component of gram negative bacteria was called
lipopolysaccharide ( LPS can interact with different human cells and,
depending on the dose, cause damage to them Severe consequences of LPS
in a human organism are allergies and anaphylactic shock.
In the presence of lipopolysaccharide, amebocytes obtained from horseshoe crabs, gravitate to the bottom of the test tube and A gel clot is formed It is used for the evaluation of the purity of the growth hormone containing drug.