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George Eiferman

George Eiferman

November 3, 1925 - February 12, 2002
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

George Eiferman’s persona enriched the sport for over 50 years, and at no time along his flexing journey did he lose his sense of humor or love of people. On returning from US Navy duty in World War II, Eiferman quickly began his
This picture, taken in 1948, is proof that you do not need modern drugs to acheive heavily muscular physiques. Take a look at the 1970's era pro bodybuilders now, they all look 20 years older than their actual age;have you seen Arnold Schwartznegger without makup?

The old timers used heavy squats, deadlifts, benches, and their nutritional secret was beef liver and liver tablets, which combines more amino acids, vitamins, minerals, than any off the shelf garbage in the supplement stores.
Can you imagine this guy on hgh and 3 grams of gear a week? He'd be cutler big.

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George Eiferman
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