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Ken "Flex" Wheeler

Ken "Flex" Wheeler

Name: Ken "Flex" Wheeler
Location: ????
Born: ????
Height: 5'9"
Off Season Weight: Around 247lbs.
Competition Weight: Around 232 lbs.
Arms: 22"

Competitive Record

* 1993 Ironman Pro 1st
* 1993 Arnold Classic 1st
* 1993 Mr. Olympia 2nd
* 1995 Ironman Pro
The thing I respect about flex (aside from having the most ironic name in BB'ing) is his attention to esthetique. I mean, he's still a mass monster, but he's managed to incorporate classic bodybuilding ideas into his physique. Just like my favourite modern BB'er Dexter Jackson, he represents the happy medium between mass and esthetique.

Another point of irony is his last name, as his thighs are easily the highlight of his physique. Personally, they're a little too wide. Nevertheless, their size and proportion is outstanding.

Why the hell are they awarding Olympic to guys like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler when you have competitors like Flex and Dexter? At least Dexter won it in 2008.

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Flex Wheeler
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