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  • Since beginning subcutaneous oxytocin injections before bed I have noticed much better sleep, reduced stress, and improved sense of well being. I also have an increased sex drive and almost had an orgasm in my sleep last night. I also notice improvement in muscle recovery between workouts. My oxytocin dose started at 30mcg and is currently up to 70mcg before bed.

    The effect of combination treatment with trenbolone acetate and estradiol-17β on skeletal muscle expression and plasma concentrations of oxytocin in sheep.

    Implantation of trenbolone acetate (TBA) in conjunction with estradiol-17β (E(2)) increases growth, feed conversion efficiency, and carcass leanness in cattle. Our previous study in Brahman steers suggested that the neuropeptide hormone oxytocin (OXT) may be involved in increasing muscle growth after TBA-E(2) treatment.
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