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  • we will be at the Olympia this year for the 1st time, but may see you in Vegas before that at the USA's ?
    I have to admit that I have found this a bit of an unusual board, or rather, since a board is only and interesting as those who share with it, a place to say hello to many great people I have known for longer than we should have to admit to, and new people whom I take a great deal of pleasure from chatting with all of you. I hope many of you will come to the Olympia this year so we can have some tight times and good memories...regardless if we get arrested again or not.
    what's going on brother? can't wait to get my humapro and chain'd out!! good to see you in here!
    Hey it means a lot to have you here. I hope you will be here for a while. It really helps to have someone of your knowledge here.
    Welcome to the board. We are happy to have you. Looking forward to getting to you more about you :D
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