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    Gym Thieves! Fuckers!

    Yea that sux man. We had a creeper at my gym. Nobody ever saw him workout. Just hanging out all the time. He later got busted for stealing. Thieving bastards! Nothing worse than somebody taking stuff you paid for.
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    Finally back!

    Just wondering who is still hanging around here. Ive been out due to some personal issues for a year. Now that all that is behind me, with the help of the gym, Im ready to dive back into this!
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    College Football

    Everyone knows where my loyalty lies. Has for over 15 yrs. Seen the worst.
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    Post election temper tantrums

    Its one thing in 2008 when Obama stated over and over that he would end bi-partisanship. He was whatever we wanted him to be. But he was just like every other candidate for either party.
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    Post election temper tantrums

    This, and the reinstatement of the brady bill, along with the clinton assault rifle ban. what a joke. its funny how Ive grown up in a house full of loaded guns, where I can easily reach them if needed, but I NEVER EVER thought about playing with them. And I never shot myself or my buddies...
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    my god....they are so fucking stupid

    MLK JR is rolling over in his grave. This is NOT what he wanted for black people. Its too bad most of them don't realize this.
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    fucking niggers "are going to riot if obama loses"

    This is the reason i conceal carry.
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    Harry Reid was Right Romney Avoided Paying Taxes for 15 Years

    He knew this as well, but he still insisted he could lessen the debt in 4 yrs. Instead its grown dramatically. He should have never said he would lower it in 4 yrs. That being said, i don't recall a single president that would stop spending. period.
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    $7M FDA lawsuit against

    This is true. I just passed a pre-employment myself.
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    WTD happened to my appetite?

    What makes it weird? My appetite is still way down, feels like Im gonna puke to eat so much. But like biker said, that's a nice article. Everytime I feel like shit, I just read it. Works for me. Also, it mustve been something else that had my back screwed. It not noticeable at all now.
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    WTD happened to my appetite?

    I don't need to lie about anything. Seriously last night it felt like the bottom of my spine was full and tight. I could bend all the way down to touch my toes, but when I got almost there it tightened up so much that I thought it was a catch in it, only it didn't hurt, just like something was...
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    WTD happened to my appetite?

    Outside of my AI, etc. that is
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    WTD happened to my appetite?

    The only thing Ive taken has been Animal Paks, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Creatine, Protein, and BC powder for a headache yesterday.
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    WTD happened to my appetite?

    i will wait it out sir. i also noticed the infamous back pump already. hell i thought something was wrong with me when I couldn't bend all the way over. lol