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  • Hey BigBird, I'll keep everyone posted on the results. I got Omega Ena-Test 250. "Test E". I'll be making an appointment with VA on Monday. It usually takes 2-3wks to get in there. They are very busy now days with new vets from Afganistan/Iraq, but as soon I get it done I will post the results. Also will report on the gains I make prior to then as far as how I feel and what I see in the mirror.
    Duly noted Yaz. You only said to split the doasge indeed. If I was using the oral tabs, I would split daily dosage into two servings for sure. The amp is a little trickier so I'll stick with the single daily serving around midday. I'll let you know what major differences/effects I notice as time progresses. Thanks for your input.
    I did not say to exceed your dosage just to split it.
    Yes i have read some sources state 8-9 hours others higher like 22-24, still if you go with 2 times per day protocol i believe you are covered. Again never said not to dose ED, i said ED but split the doses in 2 for optimal administration - i don't say it will make a huge difference but imo it's better to have the drug active on the bloostream as much as you can.
    Drinking it or injecting i believe it won't really make a difference.
    Good job man - just carry on !

    PS 1) Winstrol has 24 hour half life so at least twice a day the dosing protocol should be.
    2) Anything else via PM if you want.
    About your recent PM:
    Yes it is, the 17aa methylation still present, actually among some Winstrol depot users this way seem to be a kind of test about how legit the product is because of it's distinctive taste.
    Desma is top pharma grade. Another way to know about how legit the product is to leave it on a steady place(ex. table for 7-10 hours) for the coumpound to separate from the water - IMO your product is 101% legit if it does that.

    If you go ahead and use winny use it on the last 6 weeks of your cycle, to harden you up and get you some nice fullness along with it.

    Anything else do not hesitate to contact me.

    PS 1)Terribly sorry i hadn't contacted you later(i'm a very faster responder - couple of hours) but my PMs are off - just got in to 25 posts to allows visitor messages.
    2) Any questions via PM and i will respond you in here.
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