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  • What if I was a black, aids infected, homosexual pimp on the streets of L.A. and my car was filled with crack whores who were all fighting over a broken crack pipe?
    Considering i've not e-friended myself either I think we're good. If you need me to stop and help you change your tire on the side of the road I'm happy to help, but i'm going to stick with my original thought of being undecided on accepting your e-friend invite. for now it will remain in limbo. I'm pretty sure God is ok with this
    "Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself." Leviticus 19:18
    Love them? No sweat. But if they think they are gonna get an e-friendship out of me then they can think again. :paddle:
    UnChrist-like Christians could be compared to Buddhists who refuse to meditate. The irony is when the point is lost.
    If you make a conscious effort to defend a doctrine of which the fundamental princibles you choose to ignore or disobey, then (according to christian beliefs) you are securing your place in Hell for an eternity of suffering.
    Deep down, do you doubt the doctrine or are you just a hardcore pyromaniac?
    If I'm missing a piece of the puzzle here by all means feel free to correct me. I'm genuinely curious.
    You are the only IM member to ever reject a simple E friendship invite. The irony in that I find to be extremely amusing yet not at all surprising.

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