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  • A few years ago I ran Formeron on your recommendation and was extremely satisfied. Unfortunately I have been unable to exercise for 2 years. I am now getting back into it and want to run a light safe cycle. I've been using 6 pumps Formeron ed split into 3 in the am and 3 in the pm. I'm feeling good after a week. I was wondering 2 things: should I try upping the dose- would that raise T levels? Also, do you have any reccommendations for a "safe" otc to raise T ? Thank you
    Hi again bro
    If I am about to brew a mix, like test/deca or my own susta for example or tren/test, do I mix the powders and make everything at the same time or do I make i.e. test by it self and deca by itself and then mix the finished solution togehter?
    You will need to find a stepta top that is the proper size. They do make em. Sometimes they are hard to find.
    Got ya! Sorry for stupid ass questions but I prefer to know as much as possible to get as good 1st time result as possible. But those septum caps, do they really fit the stericup? They seem rather small and the stericup is pretty wide isnt it?
    I would stay away from EO at first. EO can melt stoppers and filters and its not really needed for normal compounds.
    Even with enanth I would use BB just to thin things out for quicker injection and the ability to use smaller needles.
    I use a 28g to inject my test. 2%BA 20% BB is a good rule of thumb.
    Im doing my shoiiping atm and are a bit stressed, why do/don?t we use BB? Is it only to make it more thin?
    EO, do we use it to bind everything together when we use it?

    Im starting with a "simple" test e recipe for now, only BA no BB, but still Id like to learn.. And ofcourse I go the the homebrew GURU
    Im glad bro. Again if you run into a question you cant answer hit me up and Ill do my best to help.
    Hey Brundel!
    Thanks for helping us out with the info bro Im from Sweden and are soon going to start my own home brewery, your posts are helping alot!
    Gotta be super careful with alibab. Big scams and tons of cops acting like sources waiting for you to send em money then they get you for drug buy..If big enough they try distribution .Better, Hang around and get to know some people. Or hit up one of the iron mag sponsors. Pretty much anything you might need here.
    Hey brun
    I.joined months ago ..I really don't post much...I mostly read and learn..I am a teacher so stay very Dl. I have an alibab creatine supplier but have read a lot of new posts about them and about visitors etc. So know I am getting concerned.
    hi brundel
    can you point me to your posts on the vacume filters.. I have a brake blender pump already and would like to use it other then just brakes..
    You shouldnt need 200mg tne daily.
    How much test were you running prior to switching?
    started noticing that my hormone levels were dropping yesterday so last night i did another shot of TNE. Then again this a.m. Feel o.k. now. I'm trying to adjust for variation by using like 4-6mls per shot and i'm gonna hit it 2x's/day. i'm hoping i get around 170mg/4cc's I'm not expecting to get exactly 200mg's per shot so i hope the volume i'm using will compensate. Dude as of yesterday i went to 8mls/day. I hope i don't have a hormone crash because i had a shitload of stuff in my system when i went to TNE. I hope i don't even notice the transfer.
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