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  • Hey
    Looking for procedure on mon and need fast for two day ugh need support around this ;)
    Have a great weekend, Built. :thumbs: Appreciate greatly all the wonderful information you provide here!
    Hi Built
    I spoke to you ages ago and you mentioned that I might be insulin resistant. I have now been diagnosed with full blown diabetes. Can you direct me to eating programs? I am doing low GI and watching my intake. I am on 2grms metformin a day and 320 Glicazide a day.
    Thank you
    I see I am not alone here, thanks for helping me get started with how to eat etc. Have a good day =]
    Thank you for your advice earlier. I am totally sticking to your diet regimen. I want abs like in your picture. I was in cross country for years and like you it didn't help me all that much.
    You should get yourself a cross tattoo- Jesus and Religion never gets old or boring, right?
    You're cool on here- I dig your pics and I think it's great you've gotten so damn cut =)
    hahaa! I'll be doing that tomorrow and possibly taking my dog to the beach in the early AM.
    Thank you! I got a little emotional over the whole thing, but I couldn't be happier!

    About the ink. The only suggestions I have for you are:

    1. Get black. Color fades, especially in the sun or tanning bed.
    2. Get abstract. ie: tribal, or bands, or something of that nature. I can pretty much promise that whatever you like today, you will not like in 5-6 years, and abstracts never get old.

    Pics! I love ink, and from what I understand you are also...<ahem>..."Built" now also!
    This is the first thing I read this morning, and let me tell you hon, you have a way to make a girl's day.

    Thank you for this. I'm delighted I could help. <swoons>

    You look great! Thick as hell, nice big arms, and I LOVE the ink! I'm getting some myself this year. It's time.

    Thanks for posting. :)
    Ok, I won't put this in the regular forums, but I wanted to give thanks where thanks is due, and I wanted to actually come out and show a couple pictures to express my thanks. I apologize in advance for being longwinded, but its a very personal and important chapter in my life.
    When I came to this site a little over a year ago, I was a broken man. A severe spinal injury had led to extreme weight gain, alcoholism, and eventually divorce. My world was basically broken into little pieces, and I would be lying if I said that suicide wasn't a pretty steady thought. I was a monster 265lbs, size 42 jean. I was a mess.

    I have to do this in 3 posts because of characters.
    I came here to get my life back on track, and while many on this site helped me with numerous questions, Built went above and beyond. You gave me good advice, both in the diet and training areas, as well as just let me vent and helping me win my confidence back. Pretty rare from a stranger.

    I followed your advice, and my life has improved dramatically. I have a young (and hot) girlfriend, my career has picked up and I am rolling in money, alcohol is no longer a force in my life, and everything is going great.
    This morning, my girlfriend had asked me to send her some pics, and after taking them, it really hit home how much I have changed physically over the last 12 months. So I dug up some old pics and thought I would post them here.
    Here is when I joined the site. 265lbs


    Those were the only two I could dig up.

    Here are some pics from this morning. 215 lbs, 15% BF




    While I am still on my journey of getting into the shape I would like to be, it just hit me this morning just how much my life has improved, and I wanted to drop you a line to give you my sincere, heartfelt thanks. You literally saved my life, and I will never forget it.
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