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  • How are you doing bro? Long time no talk! Hope you can stop by my log in Online Journals, tell me your thoughts from time to time ;)
    Thx Bro for the kind words . Hope nothing but the best for you and yours for the Holiday!
    Everything is going as awesome as it can! Hope that you and your family are all well. Take care bro and happy holidays ;)
    Thanks man! things are going pretty well i must say. cycle is going good work is going good, school isnt half bad. the business is in very very early stages im just plant the roots now, merry christmas to you to bro hope everything is going well with yourself and your family
    Yo man, everything is great, tho I'm having some bureaucratic probs getting cash to start blasting like insane haha Hope your cycle is going great!
    I've been competing since 2000 - one fun thing is that there's always a show when you want to set the goal!
    Thx Chris! That's from my last competition a year ago. Taking a year off to attempt to downsize for "Women's Physique". Weird thinking "Let's get small!"
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