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  • I know. I don't know what's up. OSL said Z just probably didn't pay for his space. Makes a little sense, since his shop isn't open. He might start advertising a little differently too..
    Yea I know what the fuck? I went in to see if I had more votes!! LOL Like it would help at this point!
    day of the contest. Im trying to look a little less fat lol so Ive been cleaning up my diet a little and doing some cardio.
    Man this is the best cycle ive done yet!!! U will gain wieght fast are u taking armidex or aromasin somthing for estrogen??? U need to be to control water retention, i wouldnt use nolva i did and i had problems with my sight didnt like that at all..... It takes 10 to 14 days for the cypionat to start working u should see results as fast as 3 weeks if u are eating alot and lifting like a mad man. I have stept it up to 1000 ew 500 mon and 500 thurs day in the morning after shower and 25mg arimasin every day, i used to just 500 ew and that was cool and then steped it up to 750 ew better but noow that i am pinning 1000 ew woooow i am growing like a weed.. U know what has really improved my work outs and my pump and stamina thru the work out!!! I am drinking waxi maz carbs 50 grams from the start to finish of work out boy i used to drink amino 2200 durring work out since i changed to waxi maz u can see the pump from all the carbs and u have so much fuel u dont run out during ur work out
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