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    Very confused whether I should cut or slow bulk? Pics

    I would try and build some muscle anyway I could bro cut/bulk what ever... you look like you have never trained before, sorry Im just being honest. eat big! train hard! and take your supps. build a foundation and then go from there. good luck and don't be afraid to ask for advice.
  2. chucky1

    Rolax: Kill gyno and increase fertility now!

    thanks for the info
  3. chucky1

    Rolax: Kill gyno and increase fertility now!

    any sides for test subjects?
  4. chucky1

    Swiper . . how does he do it?

    lol. yeah my boys are tiny but I still have pipe GDI. Our diet and never coming off high test was what I was referring to (not as much as him) but yeah
  5. chucky1

    First cycle guys!!! Thought??? PLEASE!!??

    looks good man
  6. chucky1

    Swiper . . how does he do it?

    we have a few things in common Swiper
  7. chucky1

    GMP Gear at UGL Prices?

    This is an awesome opportunity guys, Iv tried a bunch of AP products test P, E and C, tren A, tbol and BD anavar all of those products are on point and very clean Id be all over this if I wasn't broke right now. Also he gets it to you lighting fast, surprises me every time!
  8. chucky1

    sponsor news fake scirrox

    well that sucks. I wonder if this is a new thing because I'v had Sciroxx Products from EA few years ago that were awesome and got huge results.
  9. chucky1


    Huge changes since a few years ago, that's awesome man keep hammering away
  10. chucky1


    your a rare breed donkey, always going big, the shit scares me though. your right though lots of people use it and are fine
  11. chucky1


    there's been a lot of deaths using that shit, probably best to stay away... imo
  12. chucky1

    Tren Transformations

    TREN HARD :winkfinger:
  13. chucky1

    World Pharma lottery log

    way to kick it off bro
  14. chucky1

    Voting thread for 100 ml Asia Pharma FREE!!!!!

    I voted for HFO He looked the best in imo so did gonzy I played for fun but Thanks WP for the contest Ill post a vid and some pics soon.