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  • Glad to know you were gone this whole time you canadian fuck ... maybe something else will pop out beside your shoulder
    Hey fagget , I joined at your request ... check out my posts and meet you tonight for some drinks and good rec fun afterward ... you know how you like to take it bitch ...
    Bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaa to U Canadian boy ..... ask for advice and receive smart ass replies .. what good are you to help another member with advice
    They are 500mg pills, sometime I get a different brand that is 1000mg.. its what ever though its an amino acid so no worries if you are taking more lol.
    To be Honest with you I take around 500-1000mg orally. Preworkout. Heard that way it helps fight off fat deposits also. This means healthier arteries, kidneys, liver, high deep tissue fat is dangerous to you health
    Your doing it brother! Just make sure you are taking your organ protectors and checking your blood every 3 months. It only takes one time to fuck you up lol. To many good guys aren't watching there blood levels and getting screwed over in the long run.
    Organ Protectors I know Unc and I both take are
    Milk thistle-(Liver)
    Saw Palmetto (Prostate)
    Cranberry Extract (urinary tract and Kidney)
    L-carnitine (Kidney support)
    Stay Safe Bro! Your Procard is around the corner!
    Alright brother keep up the work you are getting on beast mode! Your next comp will be in the bag!:clapping:
    239! Nice brother keep up the good work! :clapping: Pm Me your lat routine. Your lats are looking good brother. Nice V

    Ive been thinking about running it that way. Im going to evaluate everything and see what needs top priority and make a split from there. Everything needs to be hit, but definitely legs and shoulders above all. I have ten weeks to bring it all together, so we'll see.
    do some squats? that hurt my feelings =( lol. The suspension is from Raws.....so Im probably injecting pure semen
    Did you really hurt yourself bro? I hope you were just kidding in that thread...but if that in fact was the case I hope your doing okay man.
    Sorry to hear that bro. But least you had a good experience. Fix out the problems and you will Nail it !!
    Not been on here and a while. Saw your DP.
    Look Great now man !! Keep up the Good work !!!
    Any time man. From your before and after, to now competing, these are words of praise brotha. Maybe a small, very very small degree of jealousy...:pissed: :roflmao: But you deserve bro. Take it ez, and thanks for the inspiration once again!
    Your avi pic looks sic man! Did you make a thread on it in prep or the competition? O di you do? Take it ez...
    Bro...u look solid from the b4 and afters....One thing though: I'd wld def take the exact same avi pic, but just pull the shorts up normal length...u almost look naked, but i know what look going for.....just looks kinda gay... But again, props 2 the hard grind to get where ur at...
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