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  • Ey there buddy!! ... Just dropping you a line asking if you can message me for a few questions I have.. I'd message your inbox but I haven't posted enough. Anyhoot hope all is going well with you and yours mayn. Sincerely thebutcher :)
    its all good now bro... been hell healing up though.. wish i never got the surgery done but its been good since therapy.... I had a torn labrum and it hurt like a mo-fo! but we god now.. getting ready to go in beast mode for a while... how you been bro?
    whats up bro.. looks like you hitting em hard my bro! How is life bro? i am getting ready to get it on here soon... just trying to figure out where to spend my money.... Just came back from a shoulder surgery from October.. feeling beasty now though! stay in touch bro!
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