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  • Yeah, everything is cool. Just busy and dealing with getting old, LOL. Hope you and the family are well.
    she is so hot

    Lol i totally forgot about it, after i talked to you, i had put the little one to sleep:D
    Yeah dude, I should've not posted anything, now its even more confusing. It was when I first put my pic up on my profile and you asked when I was gonna put a an "avy pic". I posted my answer on my page.
    But yeah WTF!?!?! same thing happened to me with those green bars. one day I had a grip, then they're gone, then they're back.
    Bro, what are those green bars under the red spheres? You had a gang and now they're down to 2. Same thing happened to me but then someone put them back.
    Yeah bro, I posted answers to your post on my own message board LOL. I'm a dinosaur still gettin used to the wonderful world of the internet and forums and message boards LOL. This is way way late but: Yeah I posted up a pic cuz I wanted a "before " flick and yeah I'm tryin to figure out what to put up on that little pic that shows up next to your user name.
    Bro, I see you got a few haters. People on this forum should read your other posts. For the most part, you are looking out for other members on this board by calling out the fakers and exposing the folks who are trying to work the other IM members.
    I just checked out your cycle log. NICE!!!
    Really makes me want to finally try one. But I'm becoming a big fat chicken in my old age LOL
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