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  • Hey Digitalash,

    Is credit card a "no-no" purchasing gear from Pars?
    Hey Bro,

    So I was looking at the Pars site and you mentioned I would only need 2 tests? such as this?
    Test E 250mg/ml $39 – Black Tops (so order just two of these? and this will be enough for a 10 week cycle?

    Thanks, Wade
    Hey bro, I'm wondering if you could recommend a cycle for me? I'm gonna start to get the gear together so I have everything (assuming this may take some time, so I'd like to get started). I would like to start with test only rather than something stronger (not that test isnt strong, you know what I mean). I have enough Methadrol and Super-DMZ, I could stack with one of the two or use to start a plan, just thought I would let you know what I have. I also have Nolva and clomid on hand. Any help planning would be so cool, I'm sure your busy so if this is too much I understand. If you have recommendations on Test source, I will take it, you were so right about the research place, they really did me well!
    Hope your doing well, thanks for your time.

    Hey bro got picked for a head to head contest against 5 people including myself by Uncle Z. Wish me luck!!
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