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  • Thanks girl! Not even half as good as you, but I will get there:) You have a great Friday and a great weekend!
    Training is going good! I am just trying not to stress myself out and do it for health and not vanity. I will get there eventually!
    Well I am so glad your back is getting better sweetie and keep in touch
    Awww! Good to hear from you girl! Not to much with me just plugging along and how are things with you?
    I am sooo glad you are feeling better sweetie :)
    I got divorced in 2007, So awhile ago! I go to elite every know and then. I am involved in so many website, It gets confusing....lol.
    Have a great day girl :winkfinger:
    Awww! You are too good to me :heartpump Ya he is just holding resentment because i let him go! Haha. Well I think that is so beautiful about you and your hubby and he is a very lucky man as well. I know my prince charming is out there somewhere :) And you are right, I am a catch:winkfinger:
    Thank you sweetie! No it was actually when I got married a few years ago. I am divorced now and happy about that but I like the picture alot.. My ex husband thinks I put up that picture because I am reliving that day but that is not the case at all....Haha
    Yes that is me in my profile picture! It is a great pic huh? I feel like a movie star in it:)
    I am so sorry you are in pain darlin:( Well I will keep you in my prayers and I pray for a speedy healing so you can get back in that gym and back chasing those kiddos!
    Oh nice picture girlie! Looking so hot:winkfinger: Woo Hoo
    Cardio is good, did it twice yesterday and again this morning and plan on again tonight! I am going to do it twice a day like we discussed. Diets good! Thanks for checking in beautiful :jacks:
    Awww! Thanks girl, and beauty rolls in doubles like you and i......yes it was fun minus the old pervert.....eeeeek
    Ok girlie! I am back from Vegas. And I had a mojito for you and it was soooo good. Ready to get this started again. I had a great time and the strip is amazing:)
    Vegas was not all it was cracked up to be. The guy was
    A old pervert... So staying in Cali . Oh I sent those pics to
    Your email....
    Hey girlie! well I submitted my pics and want to cry. I do not know why my body does not want to change. I worked so hard and did not even come close to the results I was looking for. I will email you the pics...
    I am driving! It is only 5 hours. So getting up going to gym then coming home and showering then I am off on my road trip :clapping:
    Yes! I am so excited.... I will keep you updated on everything as I go! I am going tommorow for a week to see what this guy has to offer regarding business. And if all goes well and we come to an agreement then I will come back home and pack up and move there.
    And you will def stay with me when I get a place! You come to Vegas and I will come visit you in FL.... Oh yeah!!!!
    No! It will be my first time tomorrow:) Well you and the family should make a trip one time,I would love to meet you:jacks:
    Ya I am moving to Vegas foe a change of scenery. Also to train with that gentleman I was telling you about. He said he has lots of business opportunities for me. So I am going to have faith and check it out. Do you and your family ever go to Vegas?
    Ya girl, you get your tan on too:) No i live in the mountains but I live in a beach town so it is not far. But i will be moving to Vegas soon so I have to get my fill of the beach in. No beaches in Vegas :(
    Hey Girlie! I hope you had a wonderful time at the zoo with the kiddos :) I went to the beach today to get my tan on! So maybe I will not have to spray tan after all.....lol
    Oh no worries gal! I am pro at the spray tan. Only doing it once the day before the pics...May be hot as a Jalepeno...lol... You are hot as a Habenero.!!!! But very soon for me
    Yes , I am going to the beach all weekend and then I am going to get a spray tan the day before pics! Hell yeah ......lol
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