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  • Haha! Yes of course, I love shoes! Oh those sound really cute!
    My bathing suit is bright orange and yes in deed I will be wearing high black heels!
    Next week! AWWW....
    Ya it is just a mind screw! Because I have been kicking my own butt at the gym, I am on 17 days straight at gym! And I am eating way under maintenance. But I will not give up! I will get there eventually! Next week I will take my final pics!
    No way girl! I was at the gym at 6:00am . I am not messin' around...haha
    But I weighed myself and gained 5 pounds? I was like WTF? But I know you
    Said not to trip on scale but it is hard.
    Ya I totally hear you on the chicks with too much muscle... Not the look I am going for either. Ya I am hoping my body will react very nicley without the gear and the kick ass routine.. It is really hard girl, It is a full cardio workout in itself. I am not resting in between sets I am just blasting through it non stop. I am winded and sweating bullets by the time I am done.....I have cut down on my protein also to about 80 grams a day since my goal is to lose some muscle...I wish I would of known about this 3 months ago before I did all this gear and put on a bunch of muscle.. Because now I am reversing everything I have done....haha., Oh well i guess it is all about trial and error.
    I will go check out your pics on Elite.. Have a great weekend beautiful:kissu:
    Thank you darling !!! I know the gear was making me emotionally unstable to say the least. And I do not want to build muscle, I actually want to lose it. So logically it made no sense.
    I need to make it to Miami and visit you sometime!We would have a blast :winkfinger:
    I am feeling good! It has only been not even a week so to soon to tell. But I think it was a good choice. I am hoping to be a fat burning machine now :)
    Oh that sounds like so much fun! Right on and in deed good cardio! I took some benadryl last night so that helped:)
    Wow that sounds lovely! You sure take a lot of vacations:) That is nice. I am good thank you and just plugging along.
    You know I went to do cardio and that was all I could do! I am suffering a bit from insomnia, I wonder if it is the gear? Do you have any sleep problems? I slept about 3 hours total last night, so I did not have alot of energy to conquer that hellish workout.
    Oh! Relaxing by the pool sippin' a cocktail! Sounds wonderful!
    Thanks girl! I would love to be in Miami.. Helz
    I am doing o.k today and how are you lil Mrs. thing?
    That's right! I will collect unemployment for a bit. I am kind of in limbo because I am hoping to be moving out of state soon. But time will tell with that:)
    No not working, I actually lost my job last week :( So I just got back from the gym and am relaxing for awhile.. Have fun at the park with the kiddos and I will talk with you soon girlfriend:thumb:
    Yes that is exactly right! It is a program called " Freestyle" By George Synder the guy who puts on all the Galaxy competitions. It really makes sense,What ever muscle you want smaller work it everyday with light weights and a bunch of reps. So you can go to my thread and see what workout I did today. I started today :)
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