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  • Hey brother! Thanks for checking in. It's actually okay being off. I leaned up a lot and although I'm not lifting near as much or have the stamina for long heavy gym sessions, I am feeling pretty big. Have a blood test next week to see how I'm looking.
    Big truth
    Tbol won't be as noticeable as dbol, but you'll feel it more than winny for sure. Keep me posted with how that March cycle goes! Happy thanksgiving
    lol you've just finished PCT right? When's your next cycle?
    Definitely gonna try that turkey burger recipe, sounds tasty.
    If you have legit oral steroids available, I'd shy away from the ph. Have you tried turinabol? It's pretty hard to find, you'll have to look around for it. I know naps has some (there's a ph out there with a similar name, not that one). It's a dianabol derivative, but weaker compared to dbol. However it's extremely clean and anabolic, and it binds to SHBG, increasing the amount of your natural testosterone that's free. Plus it doesn't aromatize (none of that bloat like dbol). I've heard good things from buddies who've done it solo (yeah, not a great idea to run an oral alone, but it worked for them well) Check it out if you can get your hands on it, sounds like a good oral to kickstart with if you run it at a higher dose than what a typical dbol dose is.
    How're you priming? I thought the eating the ass off part came during cycle :D
    Chicken breasts get boring after a while, worst part about taking bodybuilding as a serious hobby. Have you tried ground turkey burgers/taco meat or extra lean ground beef (99% for the turkey, 90%+ for the beef)?
    Select (or choice but not prime) top sirloin steak and top round are usually pretty low in fat and tasty, if you want to stretch the budget and have an awesome dinner.
    Best of luck with your goals bro, can't wait to see the log for your cycle, make sure to send me a link!
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