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  • Haha thanks bro still got a couple weeks but I really aporeciate the support!!
    hey bro i just posted up a new contest in the paid section forum there will be 3 winners. this contest will be easy so if you want to join come check it out. but its in the paid section.
    we got a contest starting June 3rd 400$ in prizes/gear but this contest is in the paid section..
    so how come you have not entered the contest? the last day is Next Thursday.
    winner gets $200 store credit bro and who ever gets the closes to the numbers i pick wins.
    hello .. so better if I buy another blend 600 and continued for 5 weeks Total 10 weeks 2ml per week
    sorry if you fuck with me again, by the way I have to ask the PCT information as you want, one after the 'last cycle I have a strong decrease of libido .. what can I do? 2 when mixed hcg from the 5000u as I can use it, because I have to cycle doses of 500U?
    My next cycle will be 3 blend 600 2ml / w for 5 weeks followed by 400mg tren enanthate / w for 5 weeks this is associated with other oral winstrol 40mg / d.

    which PCT do you recommend?
    IMOSTED hello I've read in your post that you are using a blend of 400 biogen if I understand ... I too have bought from them blend 600 I wanted to ask if they work or are false, I have not arrived yet so I did not tested, thanks in advance Hello
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