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    Anabolic Body made it right

    Will do.
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    Anabolic Body made it right

    Just a thread to let all know that AB made good on my order as he said he would. IMO he got a bad rap from several members. I will post results as I go along with my cylcle. I really believe he got screwed by suppliers also and from reading many posts hes not the only one who has had a bad...
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    When you get high...

    Drugs r bad mmmmhhhh. WeYsTmIzjkw
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    Fast weight loss

    Thanks jmorrison I am taking all this in and in the last 3 weeks i have went from 269 to 250 and I am working out 4 days a week. Reading all the posts and getting ready to bulk. Thanks everyone for the help.
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    Best/easiest places to get laid

    Dont know Im married!!!! But I hear backpage is it. But itll cost ya.
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    Random benching vid: 405 X 12 reps

    Thats freakin awesome.
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    Thanks for the posts pushandpull I've been reading the posts and will continue to revamp my routine but honestly I'm seeing substantial increases right now. And it fits my time. Are you recommending doing upper body split from lower and don't lower my weights during the week. I could stay heavy...
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    Great info Thanks sassy.
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    Thanks ovr40 Hope it takes a while to plateau this time.
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    Thanks sassy it takes about 1 1/2 hours or so for my routine. Ill work the carbs. Work schedule makes it hard to get much more in. Gotta work it when I can.
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    I am working a 4 day split routine. Monday Push or Chest, Shoulders, Triceps heavy weight low reps. Tuesday Pull or Legs, Back, Biceps, heavy weight. Wednesday Cardio. Thursday repeat Push at lower weights higher reps. And Friday repeat Pull at lower weight higher reps. Saturday Cardio...
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    Ball Shrinkage

    Wait my girl said she saw bubba gump in a porno and he did have some big balls. Course it was gay porn and she was amazed he got them both in his mouth with that dick in his eyes.
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    WP Video

    Great videos brother.
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    Fast weight loss

    Good words, So true.