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    Just wanted to say...

    That I was wrong. Naps DID come through. I had already given up on naps and went with another local source for some gear (of which will be gone in a couple weeks), but yesterday I got one of those "we missed you, your package is now at the post office" letters. I had ordered a book a few days...
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    NAPS kept their word

    awesome news! I've gained 4 lbs in the 9 days that I've been on my gear so far.. HOPEFULLY Naps will come through and I'll have another stack to use after this one! Congrats on getting your good though man
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    Checked my P.O. Box

    Okay, so why was my post that said NOTHING demeaning at all get deleted? You guys are pretty messed up
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    messed up order

    Been hearing the same thing for 3 and 1/2 months now, I think you guys should figure out something else to say. I'm happy though, got my gear from someone else and now I have written naps off.. if they do come through, good for them, I'll say I was wrong.. But until that happens, I won't hold my...
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    waiting since the end of May for this.. Got another order (from overseas!) in 3 days... lol naps blows
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    messed up order

    lol @ killahbee what a dumbass.
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    New orders are arriving in 2 weeks. Us guys who ordered in May/June still with nothing.. Something's backwards here. Just ACTUALLY send us a fucking reship. It's not that hard.
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    messed up order

    I love how all of our packs are now basically forgotten since naps is up and running again. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.
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    just wondering

    Just give up on it fellas. It'll take an act of God to get our packs now because naps sure as hell isn't.
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    So what's the deal?

    Oh well, I'm happy that I just got another order in from a local source.. Time to get ripped to hell!!
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    So what's the deal?

    ^^ Or people have just given up...
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    wtf is goin on here ?

    wait 15+ weeks like most of us and then come bitch :)
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    With Naps or Against Naps?

    haha holy shit man, are you on crack or something?
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    With Naps or Against Naps?

    Not a problem bro.. You know GXR'll keep it up, but it's all good.
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    With Naps or Against Naps?

    Oh god NOOO, anything but your owned trolls collection! Damn, so many internet "tough guys" around these days. Here's an idea, buddy... Just shut up.