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  • "I moved most of my assets out of the US long ago, can earn from 10-15% in many countries. savers in the US are getting so fucked over with banking paying less than 1% APR on accounts and real inflation is closer to 4-5%"
    ^Reading this made me realize the stupidity in having my retirement invested in US banks/trading accounts. I'm relatively young and travel around a lot for work (so some stuff abroad would be natural for me), and concerned about an eventual retirement one day.

    I understand it's a lot to write/talk about, I'd be more than happy with just a few books/links to start on about moving assets out of the country/away from Wall Street and investing safely abroad, I'd appreciate it a lot; I know you're a guy who does meticulous research, and it would be great to have that kind of knowledge. Your PMs are full btw. You could reply via PM if you'd like.
    Subs busy with work? You're in the tech field, right? FL is great, I still go down there quite a bit. Something about the place is also very motivating for training. Plenty of great gyms, although the cost of living is a bit more than NV (South Florida especially).

    Make sure to get out to somewhere else in summer though; late summer is especially unbearable - rain and ridiculous heat/humidity. I was there for a summer for work (before I knew better); and I spent pretty much all my time either indoors, at the gym, or driving to visit friends (also indoors). It really was unbearable to be outside for more than 15 minutes; and I'm not one who's usually bothered by heat!

    Good luck with making new training goals, I'm sure you'll find plenty of time to hit it heavy and hit them all.
    How's it going LAM? Saw some of the recent stuff you posted on the world economy and politics... keep it up bro! It's refreshing to see someone who has such a great understanding of what's going on.
    How's the lifting going? You haven't posted updated pics in a long time!
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