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    2019 Protein Snack Craze

    do you ever have time to talk in person about your program? If so I would like to talk to you. I dould call you or you could reach me t 435-637-3442. Thanks Bob Tanner.
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    Muscle Bob.

    Does anyone respond to messages?
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    Muscle Bob.

    Thamks...I have had very little response so far. I am not a very good "e-mailer." The phone works a lot better for me. Thanks again, Muscle Bob.
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    New Coach to the Board

    Hey coach kets share some tips on getting bigger. Welcome and hope to hear from you soon.
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    Muscle Bob.

    I am Muscle Bob. Looking for like minded friends that are into training hard and working to get bigger and bigger. prefer talking on the phone to email because it is so much faster. I will answer all messages. Please respond if this message connects with you and your goals. Big Muscle...