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  1. rippedunit

    Manscaping 101

    lol lol lol yes it is bad dont get it on nippples either.
  2. rippedunit

    tren ace with slin pin?

    works great, tri's and chest perfect !
  3. rippedunit

    what's the sluttiest thing you've ever witnessed

    nooo waaaay if that real thats funny.
  4. rippedunit

    Halo and anxiety

    yeh thats why im using ity comp in 4 days.
  5. rippedunit

    Halo and anxiety

    yes halotestin, been on for 4 days and feel very anxious and flighty
  6. rippedunit

    Halo and anxiety

    26 veiws aand not one person has any experience.
  7. rippedunit

    Halo and anxiety

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone experiences anxiety while on halo ??
  8. rippedunit

    Question for any powerlifters out there...

    yours brother
  9. rippedunit

    tren dick

    awsome cycle by the way love those 3 test p tren a and mast. love them.
  10. rippedunit

    Question for any powerlifters out there...

    what are your lifting numbers ?
  11. rippedunit

    Question for any powerlifters out there...

    start your tren 6 weeks out at 100mg eod, if you can get halo use that too, u will get some serious strngth from the 2, run the halo 12 days out from comp at 60mg/ a day in cluding the day of the comp.
  12. rippedunit

    Nip Sensitivity On-Cycle

    just try it you will know in a day or 2 if it any good.
  13. rippedunit

    Nip Sensitivity On-Cycle

    im not prone to it at all mate, never had any issues but a friend of mine if he ever feels it comming on he takes letro and it clears it up complelty. dont know if this helps ya ?
  14. rippedunit

    Extremely Confused

    take the new girl for a test run and see what it is like, then if she no good go back to the other. win win
  15. rippedunit

    Tren and test cyp cycle, more info please...

    need your stats to give any reeal advice man, age cycle history etc, then you will get all the adivce in the world.