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  • haha thanks man. Ill figure out what gear i get and log my cycle results
    Yea as long as the gear is smooth then i would really mind. I just throw on some music to ease my nerves on the needles and just throw it in. lol.
    no id do it like this... may seem like a lot but itll be worth it

    weeks 1-4 - 75-100mg test prop eod
    weeks 1-10 - 500mg test e once a week
    tren A - 75-100mg tren A eod

    this is the way i would run it. 850mg of test for the 1st 4 weeks is a whole lot, but if uve got some cycle experience you will understand that this is only bc the test e will not stabilize for at lest the 1st 4 weeks. once it does, theres no need for prop. save it for another cycle.

    i personally love using prop throughout my cycle as my test base. i love the lack of water retention, especially coupled with arimidex or a light laxitive, but some people cant handle the eod shots of prop.
    Haha thanks man. Good info. Would it be good to frontload for the first 4 weeks then hop onto 1 10ml vial of test e 250 at 500 a week for 6 weeks and run the tren A eod/ Test prop eod for the weeks after frontloading so
    weeks 1-4 Test prop 100 EOD
    weeks 5-10 Test prop 100/ Test e 500 per week/ and Tren A 100 EOD?
    i think it would be beneficial to frontload with the test prop for the first 4 weeks. take one shot of test e per week, whatever dosage u decided on, then at the same time for the 1st 4 weeks use about 75mg test prop eod. the reason for this is to get your gear kicking in a little faster since you start seeing results from prop much faster than enanthate. by the time you cut the prop out of your system at week 4 the enanthate should be stabilizing in your system and should be kicking in good. Tren a is great.. of course it can be and should be used at the same time as test, however... if your results are for that hard cut look id use test prop all the way through at a bit of a higher dosage. general rule of thumb... us 2x the amount of test per week than u use of tren.
    Do you think it would be a good idea to cycle test E/ Tren A/ Test prop at the same time? Since Tren is supposed to be more potent than Test and less aromatization ?
    Yea seriously the HGH is pretty pricey on that site and I'd hate to see someone's money go to waste. Keep me posted on when it comes through man. Pretty stoked to see how potent that ish is. lol.
    Oh yea Tren A is supposed to be pretty awesome too and isnt. Thanks for the help bro. You are definitely a helping friend indeed.
    im running it out 12 weeks... but on my next cycle im gonna switch over to tren a or ultradex... havent decided. i hope so too kid, i spoke to jb at hghx today, he's giving me assurances. so thats a good sign
    i ordered all of my geneza gear from Naps. theyre also a great company, 100% reliable... only problem is they take much longer. ive ordered international many many times, just never from hardbody. only time i go international now is when im planning for future cycles or stocking up. otherwise i stick with hardbody domestic.

    the prop im running at 150mg eod
    tren e im was running 400mg / wk, but i ran very low so i had to cut it back to 200mg this week. im waiting on a pkg to arrive hopefully within the next day or 2 so i can bump the dosage back up. i made the mistake i always advise against. which is not having enough gear to finish my cycle before i even started it.
    ive also got arimidex running throughout the cycle. and clomid and nolvadex for pct.

    oh well u live u learn.
    Thanks bro. How much are you running of both cycles?
    And how did you get GP prop if you havent ordered international? do they have that for domestic as well?
    and ill definitely look into it bro im just trying to find the best source for gear. and i think you are someone worth trusting thanks bro. hope your cycle ends well along with your next
    The reason i have HB1 in my signature is because out of all the sponsors on this forum i have tried, they have not only treated me the best, but their gear and T/A is unbelievable. give em a small test order if u have any doubts, you will not be disappointed.

    if u do decide to order... drop my name in the comment box and theyll def take care of you. peace bro.
    ive personally never ordered international hardbody... i stick with their domestic service because it is so goddamn fast. i believe international is about 10 - 15 business days, but your better off consulting the international sticky at the top of their thread. their is no real difference between the two. in fact a little birdie told me they were mixed in the same lab. i could be wrong. both oils are super smooth and relatively painless for test prop. currently im not running any other esters with this cycle. its a small one, but because of my dosages and diet and work out routine im up around 17 lean lbs. A/T gear is very good stuff, i have a couple vials of their prop as well, but the prices are very high. My next cycle will be my big dawg cutter. ill be keeping a log on it. unfortunately things arent looking very good with my hgh from hghxpress so i may have to order more from someone i trust.
    How long does it take for the GP test prop for shipping? and is there any real difference between sciroxx prop and GP? just curious on different gear because i just cycled with another boards gear but it was running around 140$ for domestic 10ml gear and thats never fun lol. You dont run any Deca/EQ/or Test E along with that cycle? but good to hear bro im looking into ordering from HB1

    and same bro. Very true. I'm definitely not on here to make any enimies
    sciroxx is excellent gear bro. ive used many many human grade products and sciroxx stands right next to them. i also love geneza, but sciroxx (although a little more expensive) is available domestic as geneza is not. im currently cycling sciroxx tren e, and geneza Test prop. i had some sciroxx prop but ran out. the tren e is kicking the shit outta me. im loving it.


    P.S. no doubt about the add kid. its always better to have friends in this game than enemies and competitors. working together and sharing knowledge is the key to life in the AAS world.
    Hey how well did the Sciroxx work for you? I see that you vouch for them. Just curious. And thanks for the add bud
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