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  • Thank You, I like your points. Had a buddy bullshit me about getting me an AI. I know I should have waited. I am only 5 days in so will get right on it. Can you recomend a AI and do you think black lions foreman is good as a AI. Also if you could recomend a sponcer for hcg I would be very thankful. Thanks You Again
    Hey buddy. Everything is fine, just work got really busy and all and I simply forgot about the log. I can it for just about 8 weeks and now I just started my 3rd week of PCT with Clomid at 50mg ED and Aromasin at 12.5.

    This cycle was amazing overall. Went from just under 260 at about 15% up to 272 and 14%. Strength was through the roof on all lifts. And after nearly 3 weeks since my last pin I weighted in at 268 and still pushing close to the same weight on all lifts.

    On the down side though, the libido is gone right now and the wife is starting to ask allot of questions. Tren shuts you down hard....
    Hope you'll deal well with that gyno thing!!!So are the new compounds good,i read that you did begin your cycle...Currently off cycle on pct with HGH,it's expensive but worth every penny,i'm still leaning out and gaining some strength!Give me some news man...
    Hey bro,I was sending u back rep points and the green dot was on disapprove,bro iam so sorry for that..
    No problem my friend glad to help. If you have real arimadex you are taking half a tab right? This should be plenty unless you are doing lots of test. Nipples do get stimulated on the tips but should not be puffy. Dont be touching and pushing all the time as this can irratate them also. Do you have real nolvadex on hand? Tamaxifin citrate, correct? Two things you can do. If it increases with puffyness you could start arimadex at .5ED OR you could start taking nolvadex 10 or 20mgs per day until symptoms go away should be plenty. Once you feel comfortable that symptoms are all clear go back to your original doseing. If I recall right you are just doing test correct? If you have any other questions just let me know.
    Roaddking. Big brother I hate to bother u, but i feel so comfortable to have your input. Please read the email below and let me know what u think.

    Possible Gyno

    Fellows....First side effect I believe....I don't if I am paranoic, but my nipples feel weird! They are kind of puffy, but to be honest with you, I have been looking into gyno symptoms and I don't think I have anything so advanced yet. I have been touching them today quite a bit, perhaps they are sensitive from that. I have been taking arimidex 0.5 eod since my second week. In the event this gets to where we fear the most, should I start taking nolva? Would it hurt if I take it now to avoid future complications? Also if you run Nolva, do you still keep running the Arimidex?

    As usual guys! thanks in advance! I am so happy you guys exist!
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