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  1. sar012977

    Does anyone know a good doctor specializing in Low T in the Baltimore area?

    I contacted Royal Mens Clinic. Havent gone any further as of yet, i need to get my labs done still, I not far from you as i am on the Eshore.
  2. sar012977

    Anti Aging Half Year Stack

  3. sar012977

    Anti Aging Half Year Stack

    Any feed back on this someone can send me...
  4. sar012977

    Happy Chanukah to me (touchdown)

    Hows that Christmas gift to yourself working out for you? you get any labs?
  5. sar012977

    Getting better...

    Vic, your still a beast my friend.. I been a member for a while and just getting back on ... started new business and had some children and been out of mix for a while bro.. your still going strong and looking large my friend.
  6. sar012977

    Formeron dosing protocols for use as an AI

    after shower, 1 pump on forearm and rub both arms together... that way ur not using ur hands and wasting any...
  7. sar012977

    Steroids why take them?

    first thing you need to do is work on your fucked up grammar and english... you can even put a sentence together! And honestly, there is no need for you to come on the board and so call "diss" steroids if you kno nothing about them...
  8. sar012977

    too much sex?

    trt, wheaties and protein brotha.... get ya some test and have ur girl pin your ass errry other day and she will be happy and you will be happy, and you will stay married a lot longer than u would if you keep faking them migraines... keep that shit up she be banging the neighbor
  9. sar012977

    garbage man on tren

    If it was fake, he still ripped that bitch out of the ground and threw it away. But I see he did clean up all the parts and trash that fell out on ground so gotta give him credit for that!
  10. sar012977

    Facebook Profile

  11. sar012977

    Facebook Profile

    Ur fuking retarded for not understanding or being able to read between the lines obviously. It's just a security concern that's all. All I was saying is that it may draw more attention to the IM from the wrong people, and u and I and everyone else kno how guys come on the board and talk about...
  12. sar012977

    Facebook Profile

    Not saying u couldn't do all that before. I "like" it. My point is that I have seen a couple things that could raise flags of non members and attract the wrong people to IM. That's all.
  13. sar012977

    Facebook Profile

    Wondering if the Facebook profile is gonna hurt IM and cause a whole shitload of problems and red flags? What's everyone else think?
  14. sar012977

    We are back up!

    Nice work!!