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    Cytodyne vs Cytogenix

    I had been buying Xenadrine EFX, not great, but give you a little boost. I loved Xenadrine RFA-1 but of course you can't find it anymore. I saw the cytogenix claimed to have it, but was leary. Anything out there that remotely resembles Xenadrine RFA-1?
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    Cytodyne vs Cytogenix

    I usually buy Xenadrine made by Cytodyne, but today while I was looking online I noticed that Cytogenix also made Xenadrine. The bottles looked the same. Does anyone know the difference in the two or has anyone dealt with Cytogenix. I have tried to dig up some reviews and product labels so I...
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    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao II

    I don't know how I didn't see this thread. I thought it was a close fight and I can agree with the score cards. I could have seen it going either way. KnetDog- Remember the old boxing thread that used to be in here that Foreman had going? I would like to start a thread with just fight...
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    We need more entitlement programs, then we can be like the British.

    I agree with you about the poor. I work with a guy that can honestly tell you about Christmas mornings when there were no gifts and he can tell you about having to wash blue jeans every other day b/c he only owned 2 pair and he has had some pretty rough times growing up. He went out got a job...
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    The 2008 Catch-All Baseball Thread

    Very true. Used to be one of the best ran organizations around.
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    The 2008 Catch-All Baseball Thread

    Unless the Orioles surprise me, I have a feeling that I will have to endure pretty much the same thing that I endured last year. Another crummy season.:(
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    Gasoline Prices Skyrocketing

    A good example of this is the guy in the office next to me. He drives a F-250 4x4 with a Diesel in it. He bitches all the time at how much he spends a month on gas. He has a 40 minute commute to work like I do, but yet he doesn't seem to mind the fact that he pays out $100/month on directtv...
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    Your Super Bowl Picks

    I think it will be the Colts vs Saints. I am really hoping that the Colts beat the pats more than anything, but I really think that the Saints D will give Grossman a lot of different looks and they will blitz enough to keep him off balance and have a shitty game, but then again I have been...
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    Computer File Question

    That sucks, I have never tried it, just heard about it and thought it might help. Sorry for the useful link.
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    Computer File Question

    http://hard-disk-data-retrieval-software.data-recovery-software.qarchive.org/ This might help, it only has a 15 day free trial but you might can use it?
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    I have to admit that my wife drives an 05 Altima and I drive an 04 Crew-cab Frontier 4X4. Before that I drove a 95 Maxima and my wife drove an 00 Ford Contour and her old car finally fell apart in 05. I sold my old car to my dad and he is still drving it back and forth to work and it has a...
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    What Brought You to Iron Magazine Forums

    I was looking for info on some supplements and this was a page that google provided.
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    Guns - Yes or No?

    If you take away guns form the private citizen, does it take away guns from criminals? No, criminal are just that, criminals, they do not abide by the law. If a kid wants to blow away his class mates, there are other ways of doing that and if they want a pistol bad enough, do you think a...
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    Guns - Yes or No?

    This to me bring up another good point, why make more legislation concerning gun control? WE NEED TO ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE.
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    Gym Idiot Sightings 2007