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  • there's a thread in AZ titled 'why is inj winny so popular, and inj dbol, drol...."...I posted a theory of mine... would like to hear your take on it, since you have a vast amt of knowledge regarding what the theory entails
    Wanted to thank you for being a great help! Enjoy St. Patrick's day, friend :)
    It's a good day to break a cut... It's a
    Hey Brother, hope all is well. Just stopping in to say hello and hope that you have a Merry Christmas!!!
    Haha that peyot dude just can't leave it alone. It's all he really has going on in his life.
    Just checked on that wanker Peyot's profile and he's still viewing that fucking peptide dosing thread! :lol:

    I know you are probably gonna say who is this idiot,
    but before I start injecting my self with wrong doses and things I want to just be sure.

    For HCG, my guy is selling HCG ui5000 - so I would need 2 of this for 10 week of cycle considerng I need ui1000 a week?

    Also, I do not mix it with anything right?

    I just dont get the dosage, (i inject it straight into the muscle like steroids?)

    Please explain as if you are explaining to an idiot

    thank you!
    I did now i just bought kit to make tren, but still haven recieve it, wondering if my source was good or not, where do you get your stuff to convert.
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