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    Common Subjects

    Something like a wiki is a good idea... I see lots of garbage repeated.
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    In my world the concept of doing something differently to induce growth does not exist, and usually leads to problems. The preferred concept is that something is being done improperly until the point where consistent gains are obtained using the same protocol. In closing, doing the same...
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    Need help leaning out

    You have a lot written on this thread; I'm having a bit of trouble taking it all in. Generally speaking the best thing that can be done is keep accurate records, analyze thoughtfully, and follow your goals. <-[-]
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    How much cardio after weight liftin is enough

    Further inspection shows that weight training alone is sufficient to induce the loss of body fat coupled with the proper intake. So to answer your question, the answer is none when adequately realized.
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    How much cardio after weight liftin is enough

    Lately 10 minutes on a bike post-workout allows me to lose 0.5-1% bodyfat every ten days. Typically I stop around the time I start sweating. This is probably the minimum amount of effort needed to produce results. I'm not a big fan of HIIT since it requires extensive warm-up. I also consider...
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    Because your body needs those nutrients? Carbohydrates are the source of many important substances. Consider blending vegetables, fruits, and other foods in some amounts for your fast. This is a much better idea than just doing something like water.
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    no carbs in the evening

    I've experimented with high protein intake, low protein intake, varying the time of carb/protein intake, and some mixed mode combinations. So far my results have shown that for reducing body fat neither is super important, with the most critcal components being: * adherence to appropriate...
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    Losing weight, trying to retain as much muscle

    The best thing you can do is be mature about the situation, focus on your goals, and track your progress. I wouldn't too much about the size of your muscles while you are cutting. The goal is to drop body fat... your muscles will keep growing as your training progresses/improves especially if...
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    Need a Program Right For me

    I'm not sure what your problem is. It sounds like you are having trouble keeping track of your own stats? If this is the case, why not start writing things down. Making gains consistently is easy when you write things down. And just as important it helps with adjustments for when things don't...
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    low intensity peroids in peroidisation

    It depends on the type of training. Periodization can be very much precalculated to allow rest cycles to be weaved around heavier traning. This is largely dependant on the system you are following. Generally speaking, you should be following the principle of progressive overload all around...
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    How many egg yolks a day???

    Its a tough call. I was reading a great article today on Fats and Cholesterol. Here is the relevant section for you: To be on the safe side, you could limit yourself to one yolk a day. I eat only one hard-boiled egg every day. I always hate throwing things away. If I where you I'd consider...
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    need running tips

    I have been experimenting a lot lately with my running and trying to improve particularly for HIIT. So far what I have seen as being lacking the most from my program is what is most important: rest. I always have tons of effort (everyone usually does), and want I to get out there every day but...
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    Dieting and Fat Loss

    Unless you are at a caloric deficit (meaning that you are consuming less calories than you use) you are going to be burning the excess calories that you are consuming when running. At an intersection with running and diet you'll hit a tipping point where weight loss is possible. To add on to...
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    Critique my routine please

    No thanks I'm doing great on my program. I don't believe everything I read.
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    Critique my routine please

    While people can lose weight weight training, running is far more effective. I personally hate lunges, and have have never had soreness or fatigue/pain in my quads from any exercise besides leg extension.