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  • Thanks, Squig!

    Yeah, CJ's lounge filled out rather nicely, some great tunes in there. Just trying to get myself back on routine, went up N. to wine country, ate & drank like a king. I had my quota of wines for the year & it's only march!

    Haha.. take care Squig, hope you have a great weekend, bro.
    the training hasn't been going that well. need to come up with some new goals and stick to it. the last year I kind of got wrapped up trying to keep these subs busy with work so I wasn't really leaving the house much. going to be moved to FLA for a little bit the end of April so I will probably turn it up a lot when I get there as I won't have much to do.
    No, I believe Madmann is gone, however the guy probably is back with a new user name. So basically the same thing, I guess. :thinking:
    Hell I still have about 3 months left. I'm a month out from PCT (6 weeks). I will most likely start my next cycle in march.

    As far as the kickstarts go, I've only ever used A-bombs, Dbol, and foolishly Winny. Not much of a kick there. I do love Dbol and I've never ran Tbol, so I might have to give it a go. Thanks for the advice brother.
    LOL Well maybe not so much the diet part, but more or less just trying to clear out my receptors and keep them fresh and ready for the hormone orgy that is my next cycle. Been taking benedryl at night, zinc, DAA all that good stuff and so far I've kept basically all of my gains. I lost a total of 4lbs during PCT and I've since leveled off to about 1-2lb gain every 3 weeks so I'd say it's going pretty good.

    Ground turkey is excellent. Mix 3lbs ground turkey, + 3 eggs, with crushed saltines and you have yourself a muscle burger!

    I'll be running Tren A and Test P so it should be a good one. I haven't decided on an oral kickstart yet. I was thinking SDMZ. Your thoughts?
    Pretty good brother! I've been priming for my next cycle and eating my ass off lately which has been a task. My gut wrenches whenever I hear "chicken breast" now lol. Just a means to an end bro, you know how it goes.
    I try to fight for the academic side of things. too many take what they see and hear on tv from politicians being fact. you can only really trust information from independent 3rd party's and even then you have to do some background on them to see if they get funding from either party.

    most other countries have leaders that are economists, engineers, etc. in the US we get stuck with life-time politicians. basically we are screwed!
    ....well i weight lift x3 a week shoulders and triceps monday, back tuesday, chest thursday, abs everyday and do cardio x 3 a week which is usually spin class, i did run alot before my op which i was hoping to resume this week but im just getting over dropping a weight on my foot :( when i can run i will do so 5 days a week for 3miles....never had chance to see if clen helped as i had to stop it after a week for my op....sorry cant send pms as i dont have enough points lol
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